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Teach yourself French! 

Are you still thinking that French is difficult to learn? Are you looking for a straightforward and simple language course? You have a desire to learn French but you don´t know where to start? That´s is why we have created this free online course for beginners. In our course you will find everything you need to master A1 language level - from the French alphabet to more complexes sentences and phrases. 

Why learn to speak French?

Are you doubting in learning French? Wondering if it´s worth the effort? There are tons of reason why you should!

  • One of the most spoken languages in the world
  • France is a beautiful country with rich cultural heritage and inspiring traditions
  • Great place for professional opportunities
  • You will stand out in a competitive job market 
  • It will open you a lot of new possibilities

French free online course for beginners: young professionals, students, adults, immigrants 

This free course is suitable for everyone who is starting to learn French from the beginning. You could be a student, young professional, adult or immigrant, it doesn't matter. The lessons and the course outline are structured according to the needs of an distance learning audience. You will find topics to help you in everyday situations. You will be able to have basic conversations and express your thoughts and feelings. You will especially benefit from our course if you are moving in some French speaking country for working or studying purpose.

Mix between vocabulary lists and exercises

In lessons you will learn about a vocabulary followed by audio, exercises and basic grammar structure. Every topic starts with a short theory lesson, and is followed by multiple interactive and free exercises. You will train your reading, pronunciation and speaking skills with audio examples and writing skills with writing exercises. Compared to other learning methods like books, language schools, this course is more interactive and engaging.​

Additional take Skype lesson with a real teacher to train your pronunciation!

Don't miss your chance to learn French with a native speaker. Via Skype it's easy and time saving. The course is made to train all your skills and doesn't limit your language learning experience to only 1 skill! You will be in the hands of some of the best teachers. Only schedule a lesson according to your free time and learn from the comfort of your home. We strongly advise you to use this course in combination with lessons from one of our native French teachers!

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1 French greetings (Hello in French) Learn basic greetings in French
2 How to introduce yourself in French How to introduce yourself in French?
3 Cardinal numbers in French Learn form of French Cardinal Numbers from 1 to Million
4 Ordinal numbers in French Simple explained form of French Ordinal Numbers with examples
5 Telling the time in French Learn how to tell the time in French
6 Months and days of the week in French Lesson about months, days and seasons in French
7 Colors in French List of colors in French
8 Describe a person in French Learn how to describe a person; body parts and character traits
9 Talking about the weather in French Learn basics about the weather
10 Asking for directions in French Learn how to talk about places or ask for a direction
11 French travel phrases and vocabulary Learn everything you need to know about French travel vocabulary
12 Food and drinks in French Lesson about food and drinks in French
13 Family members in French Describing your family in French
14 Names of Countries in French Countries of the world in French
15 The grocery store in French (fruits, vegetables....) Get all the vocabulary you will need to know about the French grocery shopping
16 Animal names in French (horse, dog, cat...) Get a comprehensive overview about all the animals names and study the topic online.
17 Clothing in French (shoes, clothes...) Get an comprehensive overview about all the vocabulary of clothes in French
18 Birthday wishes in French and party words Get a comprehensive overview about allt the birthday vocabulary and study the topic online.
19 I love you in French (emotions, feelings) Get a comprehensive overview about all the vocabulary of French love and study the topic online.