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  • 15 The grocery store in French (fruits, vegetables....)
  • 16 Animal names in French (horse, dog, cat...)
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  • 18 Birthday wishes in French and party words
  • 19 I love you in French (emotions, feelings)
  • Animal names in French (horse, dog, cat...)

    In this chapter you will learn the names of animals in French. You will learn the names of some mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, sea animals and insects. Besides this you will learn the names of your pets and the names of animals that live on a farm. At the end of this chapter you will find some questions that you can ask if you want to talk about animals. 

    In French, the female animals can have a different name from the male animal or can agree to form the feminine. 

    List of French animal names

    Here you will find the names for some domestic and wilds animals and insects with their feminine in French !

    mammals in Dutch


    English French Feminine
    the monkey le singe la guenon
    the bear l'ours  l'ourse
    the elephant l'éléphant (masculine) l'éléphante
    the kangaroo le kangourou /
    the giraffe / la girafe
    the rhinoceros le rhinocéros /
    the hippopotamus l'hippopotame  /
    the lion le lion la lionne
    the tiger le tigre la tigresse
    the camel le chameau la chamelle
    the deer le cerf la biche
    the turkey le dindon la dinde
      le bouc la chèvre

    amphiabians and reptiles in Dutch

    Amphibians + Reptiles

    The amphibians and reptiles are called 'Amphibien' and 'Reptiles' in French. 

    English French Feminine
    the snake le serpent la serpente
    the crocodile le crocodile la crocodile
    the turtle / la tortue
    the lizard le lézard la lézarde
    the newt le triton /
    the frog le crapaud la grenouille

    birds in dutch


    Below you will find a selection of 'Vögel' (birds) translated in German. 

    English French Feminine
    the duck le canard la cane
    the swan le cygne la cygne
    the goose le jars l'oie
    the pigeon/dove le pigeon la pigeonne
    the blackbird le merle noir /
    the seagull / la mouette
    the owl le hibou la chouette
    the ostrich l'autruche /
    the penguin le pingouin la pingouine
    the parrot le perroquet la perruche

    sea animals in dutch

    Sea animals

    Below you will find a couple of 'Meerestiere' translated to German.  

    English French Feminine
    the seal le phoque /
    the dolphin le dauphin la dauphine
    the shark le requin /
    the fish le poisson /
    the killer whale le requin tueur /

    insects in dutch


    'Die Insekten' below have been translated from English to German. 

    English French Feminine
    the spider l'araignée
    the bee / l'abeille
    the wasp / la guêpe
    the mosquito le moustique /
    the fly / la mouche
    the ant / la fourmi
    the caterpillar / la chenille
    the butterfly le papillon /
    the beetle le scarabée /

    French pets

    Here you will learn the names of the animals that are commonly held as pets in France. In addition, you will learn the names of animals that live on a farm.

    pets in dutch


    English French Feminine
    the dog le chien la chienne
    the cat le chat la chatte
    the rabbit le lapin la lapine
    the guinea pig le cochon d'inde /
    the rat/mouse le rat la souris
    the hamster le hamster /
    the goldfish le poisson rouge /

    farm animals in dutch

    Farm animals

    English French Feminine
    the cow le boeuf  la vache
    the bull le taureau
    the horse le cheval la jument
    the pig le cochon la truie
    the donkey l'âne l'ânesse
    the sheep le mouton la brebis
    the chicken le coq la poule
    the rooster le paon la paonne

    Talking about animals

    Below you will find some questions and answers you can use if you want to talk about animals !

    French English
    • Est-ce-que tu as des animaux domestiques ? 
    • Oui j'ai un chien.
    • Non, je n'ai pas d'animaux domestiques
    • Do you have pets?
    • Yes, I have a dog.
    • No, I don't have any pets.
    • Quel est ton animal préféré ? 
    • Mon animal préféré est (le chien, le chat, l'hamster...)
    • What is your favourite animal ?
    • My favourite animal is (the dog, the cat, the hamster...)
    • ​As-tu peur des animaux ? 
    • Non, je n'ai pas peur des animaux. 
    • Oui, j'ai peur (des araignées, des requins, des chevaux...)
    • Are you scared of animals?
    • No, I am not scared of animals.
    • Yes, I am scared of (Spiders, horses, sharks...)
    • Est-ce-que tu vas venir au zoo avec nous ?
    • Oui, je viendrais.
    • Non, je ne viendrais pas.
    • Are you going to the zoo with us?
    • Yes, I will join!
    • No, I am not joining.
    • Comment s'appelle ton chien / chat ? 
    • Mon chien s'appelle Garfield
    • Mon chat s'appelle Salem.
    • What is your dog / cat called?
    • My dog is called Garfield.
    • My cat is called Salem.

    yesNow that you gained enough knowledge about the animals in French , now it is time to put the theory into practice in one of the exercises on the page.