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  • In this chapter you will learn how to congratulate someone to their birthday in French, as well as the most important words for different events and parties in gerneral!

    French birthday wishes

    These are the most common phrases for wishing someone a happy birthday

    French birthday wish Translation
    Félicitations pour ton anniversaire !  Congratulations for your birthday!
    Joyeux anniversaire ! Happy birthday !
    Beaucoup de bonheur et meilleur voeur pour ton anniversaire ! Much love and best wishes for your birthday!
    Je te souhaite le meilleur !  I wish you all the best!

    Some additional phrases related to birthdays

    French phrase Translation
    J'invite tous mes amis (toutes mes amies) I invite all my friends
    Qui va emmener à boire/ à manger ?  Who brings food / drinks?
    Qui va acheter le cadeau ?  Who goes to buy the present?
    Qui va venir ce soir ?  Who will come tonight?
    Quel âge tu as maintenant ? How old are you now?
    Tu as reçu quoi comme cadeaux ?  What presents did you receive?

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    Commom French words for party 

    Here you can find some common words and phrases related to parties in French:

    French Translation

    Tous (masculine)

    Toutes (feminine)

    All / Everybody
    Alcool alcohol
    Invitation - inviter quelqu'un invitation - to invite someone
    Nourriture food
    La fête - à la fête the party - to party
    Les amis(e) friends
    L'anniversaire (masculine) birthday
    Le cadeau present
    Le gâteau cake
    La musique music
    le divertissement fun
    Le jeu - jouer the game - to play
    La danse - danser the dance - to dance

    Other party occasions (happy new year, christmas, eastern, ...)

    Of course in life there are a lot more ocassions to party than birthdays. Here you have a list of French names of popular events in life and phrases that are most common said in relation to them.

    Event French phrase

    New year's eve

    Happy new year

    Saint-sylvestre (31st december)

    Bonne année

    Merry chritsmas

    Joyeux noël ! 
    Happy easter

    Bonne fête de pâques !

    Joyeuse pâques !

    Graduation day Félicititations pour ton diplôme !
    Wedding day Je te souhaite le meilleur pour ton mariage ! 

    Example dialogue in a birthday party 

    Sandra: Maman, je dois aller à l'anniversaire de matthieu avec mes amies. (Mom, I have to go at the birthday of Matthew with my friends)

    Maman: D'accord, et irez vous à la fête de ta meilleure amie demain ? (Fine, and will you go to the party of your best friend tomorrow ?)

    Sandra: Bien sûr ! Il y aura toutes ses amies, de la nourriture, de l'alcool et des gâteaux. (Of course, All her friends will be there, there will be lot of food, alcoohol and cakes)

    Maman: N'abuses pas trop de l'alcool surtout ! (Do not abuse on the alcohool above all) 

    Sandra: Ne t'inquiètes, on se voit ce soir ! (Don't worry, I'll see you tonight)