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  • 15 The grocery store in French (fruits, vegetables....)
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  • The grocery store in French (fruits, vegetables....)

    Imagine you are in a huge supermarket in France or in a French speaking country like Belgium and you can't find the products you are looking for. Wouldn't it be great to know at least the basic vocabulary for grocery shopping in French ? Of course it would! Therefore, you should have a look at this lesson !

    It will give you an overview about the types of questions to ask and the regular vocabulary for French groceries. 

    French shopping phrases

    Here, we will have a look at some basic vocabulary you always need while going grocery shopping !

    English French
    the groceries les courses
    the exit la sortie
    the entrance l'entrée
    the receipt le reçu
    the packing l'emballage (feminine)
    the voucher le coupon
    the supermarket le supermarché
    the bakery la boulangerie
    the butcher shop la boucherie
    the cash point le distributeur
    the money l'argent (masculine)
    the credit card la carte de crédit
    the shopping trolley le caddie
    the shopping basket le panier
    the gram le gramme
    the kilogram le kilogramme
    1 dozen une douzaine
    1 slice une tranche
    1 piece une part

    Questions to ask to find a place in the grocery store

    English French
    Where can I find (a shopping basket, the bakery...) ? Où est-ce-que je peux trouver (un panier, la boulangerie...) ?
    How much cost (1 dozen, the gram, the slice...) ? Combien coûte (une douzaine, le gramme, la tranche...) ? 
    Where is the cash point ? Où est-ce-que se trouve le distributeur ?

    enlightenedDo not forget to use the gentle word "s'il vous plaît" it is always more comfortable when talking to a stranger. 

    Fruits in French

    Get an overview about all the different fruits nouns in French

    • the fruits = les fruits
    English French
    the apple la pomme
    the pear la poire
    the banana la banane
    the orange l'orange (feminine)
    the grapefruit le pamplemousse
    the mandarin la mandarine
    the lemon le citron
    the lime le citron vert
    the blueberry la myrtille
    the strawberry la fraise
    the raspberry la framboise
    the blackberry la mûre
    the pineapple l'ananas (masculine)
    the mango la mangue
    the melon le melon
    the cherry la cerise
    the avocado l'avocat (masculine)
    the kiwi le kiwi
    the grape le raisin
    the peach la pêche
    the plum la prune
    the apricot l'abricot (masculine)

    Vegetables in French

    In the following list you will find all vegetables with their translation in French!

    • the vegetables = les légumes
    English French
    the potato la pomme de terre
    the carrot la carrote
    the tomato la tomate
    the cucumber le concombre
    the zucchini la courgette
    the eggplant l'aubergine (feminine)
    the pumpkin la citrouille
    the pea le petit pois
    the lentil la lentille
    the bean l'haricot (masculine)
    the chickpea la pois chiche
    the brokkoli le broccoli
    the cauliflower le chou-fleur
    the onion l'onion (masculine)
    the garlic l'ail
    the salad la salade
    the spinach les épinards
    the mushroom le champignon
    the pepper le poivre
    the celery le céleri

    List of dairy products in French

    Below, you will find a list with the most important dairy products in French !

    • the dairy products = les produits laitiers
    English German
    the milk le lait
    the cream la crème
    the sour cream la crème fraîche
    the whipped cream la crème fouettée
    the yoghurt le yaourt
    the butter le beurre
    the cheese le fromage
    the cream cheese la crème fromagère

    Meat, fish and seafood in French

    Last, we will learn some vocabulary about meat and fish products!

    • the meat = la viande
    • the fish = le poisson
    • the seafood = les fruits de mer
    English German
    the pork le porc
    the beef le boeuf
    the chicken le poulet
    the turkey la dinde
    the lamb l'agneau
    the ham  le jambon
    the peperoni le pepperoni
    the bacon le bacon
    the sausage le saucisson
    the blood sausage le boudin noir
    the salmon le saumon
    the smoked salmon le saumon fumé
    the shrimp la crevette
    the crab le crabe
    the mussel les moules
    the lobster le homard
    the prawn la crevette rose
    the squid le calamar
    the tuna  le thon
    the trout la truite

    Example dialogue in a grocery store

    French (English)

    Marc: Bonjour, où est-ce-que je peux trouver la boucherie et la fruiterie (Hello, where can I find the butcher and the fruits shop ?) 

    Employé: La boucherie se trouve au fond et les fruits à l'entrée du supermarché. (The butcher shop is at the bottom of the supermarket and the fruit shop at the entrance.)

    Marc: Merci ! Je voudrais du thon, de la viande de dinde et des crevettes roses, s'il vous plaît(Thank you ! I would like tuna, turkey meat and prawns, please)

    Boucher: Combien de crevettes roses ? (How much prawns ?) 

    Marc: Un kilogramme de crevettes roses. (A kilogram of prawns.)

    Boucher: D'accord, vous pouvez payer à la caisse. (Here it is ! You can pay at the checkout.) 

    Marc: Merci ! Je voudrais un gramme de prune et d'abricot. (Thank you ! I would like a gram of plums and apricots)

    Fruitier: Tenez monsieur ! (Here it is sir !) 

    Marc: Merci et au revoir ! (Thanks and goodbye.)

    yes After having studied all vocabulary lists, you should try out our fun and interactive exercises!