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  • Months and days of the week in French

    Until now you have learnt about numbers and how to ask for the time. Perfect! Now it´s time for the days of the week, months and seasons. After this lesson you will be able to have a conversation about this topic.

    Days of the week in French

    In French we translate "day" as " le jour" or "la journée", while "week" is translated with "la semaine." You need to pay attention using articles before days of the week. If there is an article before the day, it means "every" for example "Every sunday I go to the park." = "Le dimanche je vais au parc." 



    Monday Lundi
    Tuesday Mardi
    Wednesday Mercredi
    Thursday Jeudi
    Friday Vendredi
    Saturday Samedi
    Sunday Dimanche


    Every Monday I am going to the gym. = Le lundi je vais à la salle du sport.

    Next Wednesday there will be a concert in the city center. = Mercredi prochain il y aura un concert dans le centre-ville.

    Months of the year and their pronunciation in French

    The months of the year in French are translated as "Les mois de l'année", to express that the action is happening in a particular month, we use the preposition "en." 



    January janvier
    February février
    March mars
    April avril
    May mai
    June juin
    July juillet
    August août
    September septembre
    October octobre
    November novembre
    December décembre


    In April I will go to Croatia. = En avril jˈirai en Croatie.

    In August Ivana will return in Spain. = En août Ivana reviendra en Espagne.


    Unlike in English, in French the months are written in lowercase letters. 

    How to describe the four seasons in French?

    The word "season" we translate in French as "saison". For reffering to a specific month you can use the preposition à + article or the preposition en.

    Seasons in English

    Les saisons en français

    spring printemps
    summer été
    autumn automne
    winter hiver


    En été tu profites du soleil. = In summer you enjoy the sun.

    Au printemps les arbres sˈétoffent et fleurissent. = In spring the trees grow and flourish.

    L'hiver commence en décembre et se termine en mars. = Winter begins in December and ends in March.


    Names of the seasons are always written with lowercase letters.

    How to ask the date or what day is it in French?

    Here you can find a vocabulary we use to ask for a date or what day is it. 



    date la date
    Yesterday hier
    Today aujourd'hui
    Tomorrow demain
    day before yesterday avant hier
    • Quel + jour + être (2nd person plural) + aujourd'hui?
    • Quel + jour + être + on (3rd person singular)?
    • Quel + jour + être (3rd person singular) + ce?
    • Quelle + être (3rd person singular) + la date + aujourd'hui?


    What day is it? = Quel jour sommes-nous aujourd'hui?

    It's thursday 16th April. = Nous sommes le jeudi 16 Avril. / On est le jeudi 16 Avril

     What's today's date? = Quelle est la date aujourd'hui?

    It's 16th April. =  C'est le 16 Avril.


    Use of "aujourd'hui" in asking a question is optional.

    yesWhen you have learnt about the days, months and seasons in French you are ready to master it with a few exercices.


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