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  • 17 Clothing in French (shoes, clothes...)
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  • Clothing in French (shoes, clothes...)

    In this chapter the words for clothing items, accessories and different types of shoes in French are discussed. These words can be used for when you go shopping or when you want to describe a person, by saying what this person is wearing. 

    Most common clothes vocabulary in French

    In this table you will find the translations of clothing items from English to French.

    Item English French
    broek trousers le pantalon
    spijkerbroek jeans le jean
    trui the jumper le pullover
    jas the coat le manteau
    rok the skirt la jupe
    jurk the dress la robe
    sokken socks les chausettes (feminine)
    blouse the blouse/shirt la chemise
    pak the suit le costume
    pyjama pyjamas le pyjama
    sjaal the scarf l'écharpe (feminine)
    handschoenen gloves les gants (masculine)
    zwembroek swimming trunks le slip de bain
    badpak the bathing suit le maillot de bain
    bikini the bikini le bikini

    enlightenedTake a look at the French colours chapter to be able to describe the colour of a clothing item.

    • Il porte un pantalon vert. (He is wearing green trousers.)
    • Son pullover est jaune. (His jumper is yellow.)

    Accessories in French

    Items English French
    a belt the belt la ceinture
    a tie the tie la cravate
    a bowtie the bow tie le noeud papillon
    a hat the hat le chapeau
    a cap the cap la casquette
    glasses the glasses les lunettes
    a ring the ring la bague
    earrings earrings les boucles d'oreilles (feminine)
    a watch the watch la montre

    Shoes in French

    In this table you will find the translations of different types of shoes from English to French. 

    Shoe English French
    schoenen shoes les chaussures
    klompen clogs les sabots
    pantoffels slippers les chaussons/ la pantoufle
    sandalen sandals les sandales
    slippers flipflops les tongs
    sneakers sneakers les baskets
    hakken high heels les talons hauts

    Example dialogue in a clothing store

    Marc: Bonjour, je voudrais acheter un costume pour le mariage de ma fille. (Hello, I would like to buy a suit for my daughter's weeding)

    Employé: Nous avons une large gamme de costumes de couleurs différentes. Lequel vous ferez plaisir ? (We have a large range of suits in different colors. What would you like ?)

    Marc: Je voudrais un costume blanc accompagné d'un noeud papillon et des chaussures italiennes. (I would like a white suit with a bow-tie and italian shoes)

    Employé: Vous avez le choix entre ces deux costumes, très bon choix pour un mariage. (You can choose between these two suits, very good choice for a wedding)

    Marc: D'accord, je vais prendre celui-là avec une cravate blanche et un noeud papillon noir. (Fine, I will take this one with a white tie and a black bow-tie)

    Employé: D'accord monsieur, tenez et bonne journée. (Ok sir, here and have a good day)

    enlightenedHopefully, these translations of clothing items and shoes will be useful for you, now it is time to make some exercises to train your vocabulary!