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  • I love you in French (emotions, feelings)

    In this chapter you will learn how to express "Sentiments" (feelings) and "Emotions" (emotions) in French !

    How to say I love you in French ?

    In French, as in English, you can use the verb aimer (to love) in a romantic love for someone and aimer or the verb adorer (to like) for things and actions but also so that you can distinguish beetween the romantic love and emotions. But you should be careful of the context in which you use these.


    • J'aime les garçons. (I love boys) meaning in a romantic way.
    • J'aime les fruits rouges or j'adore les fruits rouges. (I like strawberries) meaning in a caring way. 

    Here are a few expression to signal affection in French :

    French phrase Translation Use
    Je t'aime I love you

    Romantic love mostly

    Je t'aime bien mon cher I hold you dear Family members / really close persons
    J'adore la pizza/ton ami I like pizza/your friend For friends, things and actions
    Tu me plaît beaucoup You / this pleases me (hard to translate phrase) Usually if you like someone's style or when you do something for the first time
    • J'aime énormèment ma mère. (I hold my mom dear) (in English more like: I love my mom)
    • Il aime beaucoup sa petite amie. (he loves his girlfriend very much)
    • J'adore les chiens (I like dogs)
    • J'aime bien tes chaussures (I like your shoes)

    List of emotions to describe feelings

    The list below shows you possible answers for the question Comment te sens-tu ? (How do you feel?).

    French English
    Triste sad
    Dégouté(e) disgusted
    En colére angry
    Surpris(e) surprised
    Appeuré(e), peur scared
    Heureux(se) happy
    Joyeux(se), gai(e) joyful
    Amoureu(se) in love
    Honte ashamed
    Excité(e) excited
    Content(e) happy, content
    Peur afraid
    Fatigué(e) tired
    Exténué(e) exhausted
    Grincheux(se) grumpy
    Déçu(e) disappointed
    Pathétique pathetic
    Fier(ère) proud
    Nerveux(se) nervous
    Inquiété(e) worried

    Example sentences

    • Je suis fatigué. (I am tired.)
    • Il est dégouté. (He is disgusted.)
    • Elle est heureuse. (She is happy.)
    • Nous sommes tombés amoureux. (We are in love.)
    • Tu es nerveux. (You are nervous.)