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  • Describe a person in French

    In this lesson you will learn how to briefly describe someone; his or her face, body and characters traits. To make it more useful we suggest you to first study the lesson about colors.

    Adjectives to describe someone in French

    To ask some Francophone about physical appearance, you can use the expression "A quoi ressemble ... ?". And to answer the question you can use the same expression but in the affirmative form "Il ressemble à" and add few adjectives from the table bellow.



    Old Vieux
    Young Jeune
    Small Petit
    Tall Grand
    Slim Mince
    Fat Gros
    Pretty Joli
    Ugly Laid
    Muscled Musclé
    Pale Pâle
    Tanned Bronzé
    Athletic Sportif


    What does Julien look like? =  De quoi a l`air Julien? / A quoi ressemble-t-il?

    He looks like a athlete. = Il a l'air sportif.

    He looks old. = Il a l'air vieux.                  

    Parts of the face in French

    Being able to describe someones parts of the face, can help you to give a more faithful description. In this case we use expression made of verb:

    avoir + noun + adjective.



    face le visage
    eyes les yeux
    noise le nez
    mouth la bouche
    hair les cheveux
    short court
    long long
    blonde blonde
    curly bouclé
    straight (hair) lisse


    Pay attention that in French "hair" has a plural form "les cheveux", also that adjectives need to be agreed in gender and number with the noun they follow.


    She has a blue eyes. = Elle a les yeux bleus.

    He has long curly hair. = Il a les cheveux bouclés longs. / Il a de longs cheveux bouclés.

    How to say body parts in French ?

    To speak about body parts in French you can apply the same rule as for parts of the face:

    "avoir" + noun + adjective.

    To enrich your vocabulary you can add a few adjecives such as, long (long), court (short), gros (big)...



    face le visage
    head la tête
    shoulder l'épaule
    arm le bras
    ears les oreilles
    hand la main
    fingers les doigts
    leg la jambe
    stomach le ventre
    back le dos
    knee le genou
    foot le pied
    toe l'orteil


    She has long legs and small arms. = Elle a de longues jambes et des bras courts. 

    His face has a oval shape. = Son visage est ovale.

    How to say main character traits in French ?

    Here you will find a list to describe someone`s character traits in French. You can use the formulation of verb:

    "être" + adjective.

    enlightenedPay attention to formation of adjective masculine and feminine forms! Masculine is only variable in plural. In feminine form you add an -e / -le / -euse.



    Nice Sympa
    Kind Gentil
    Mean Méchant
    Intelligent Intelligent
    Stupid Bête
    Generous Généreux
    Patient Patient 
    Shy Timide
    Lazy Paresseux


    She is kind and generous. = Elle est gentille et généreuse.

    Mario is impatient and lazy. = Mario est impatient et paresseux.

    • In general speaking about human body or about character traits may seem complicated at first. But the only thing to keep in mind is formulation of expressions with verbs "be" and "have".


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