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  • French greetings (Hello in French)

    Are you going to do a trip in a French speaking country and you would like to know basic greetings ? Perfect ! At the end of this lesson you will be able to sound like a local and to manage all kind of saying "Hello" or "Goodbye".

    How to say basic morning greetings in French ?

    Whether you see a friend or a family member saying kindly greeting is always welcoming. For the beginning of the day there are only few of them used in French. Here we have also listed some expressions used in familiar context.



    Hello! Salut
    Welcome Bienvenue
    Good morning Bonjour
    Good morning Bonne journée
    Good morning Bon matin
    Good morning Bonne matinée
    Wake up! (informal) Réveille-toi!
    Get-up! (informal) Lève-toi!


    Example dialogue


    Marc: Bonjour, ça va, tu vas travailler ?

    Julien: Bonne matinée, je vais très bien. Oui, malheureusement, j'y vais !


    Marc: Good morning, how are you, are you going to work?

    Julien: Good morning, I am very good. Yes, unfortunately, I am going to work!

    How to say "how are you doing" in French ?

    After you greet somebody, usually the next thing is to ask how that person is doing. In the table below there are some formal and informal questions and answers.greetings in french



    How are you? Comment vas-tu?
    Are you well? Tu vas bien?
    How are you? Comment allez-vous? 
    Are you well? Allez-vous bien?
    How it's doing? Comment ça va?
    What's up? Ça va?
    What's new? Quoi de neuf?
    Everything good Tout va bien 
    Very good Très bien
    Not so good Pas si bien
    Very bad Très mal
    So-so Comme-ci comme-ça


    Example dialogue


    Marc: Comment vas-tu?

    Julien: Tout va bien.

    Marc: Parfait, je suis content de l'entendre.


    Marc: How are you?

    Julien: Everything is good.

    Marc: Excellent, I am happy to hear that.

    Different ways to say "goodbye" in French

    About the afternoon or the evening, "Bonsoir" is a "good evening", so you can say it when you leave of someone in the evening. "Bon après-midi is a "good afternoon". Use of these and other greetings depending on what you want to express in a particular moment. As you can see French is rich with greeting expressions.

    English French
    Good-bye (informal) Salut
    See you soon À bientôt
    See you in a minute À tout de suite
    See you later À plus tard
    Until next time À la prochaine
    See you tomorrow À demain
    See you next week À la semaine prochaine
    Good night Bonne nuit
    Good evening Bonsoir


    Example dialogue


    Marc: Salut, on se voit ce soir, non?

    Julien: J'ai presque oublié. Oui, mais tu te souviens que je pars en vacances demain?

    Marc: Bien sûr, alors à plus tard.


    Marc: Hi, we are going to meet tonight, right?

    Julien: I almost forgot. Yes, but you remember I am going on holidays tomorrow ?

    Marc: Of course, see you then. 


    yesTest your skills with exercises if you think you have mastered this lesson!


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