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  • How to introduce yourself in French

    Whether you are on a study trip or on a vacation, you always meet new people. It is always fun to have a conversation. So you want to know how to introduce yourself in French? Perfect! We have divided this lesson in four parts and added a dialogue example at the end to make this learning process easier. 

    How to say "what's your name" in French?

    Let's start with a short introduction. In French you start introducing yourself with a "Hello" = "Salut". The greeting is followed by some questions about your name. A few useful sentences for this case can be found in the table below.

    English French
    What's your name? Comment tu t'appelles?
    What's your name? (formal) Comment vous appelez-vous?
    my name is je m'appelle
    my name is je suis
    My (first) name is... mon prénom est
    I'd like to introduce (formal) Je vous présente
    I'd like to introduce  (informal) Je te présente
    It's nice to meet you Enchanté

    "Where are you coming" from ?

    Usually in the second phase of a conversation, one is curious about where do you come from, in French it's formed with verbs "venir" or "être"

    English French
    Where are you from? (formal) D'où venez-vous?
    Where are you from? D'où viens-tu?
    From which country are you? (formal) De quel pays êtes-vous?
    Where do you come from? (formal) Quelle est votre origine? 
    What is your nationality? (formal) Quelle est votre nationalité?
    I am from Croatia Je viens de la Croatie
    I am from Croatia Je suis croate


    Pay attention to use second person singular in an informal speech for ex. "D'où viens-tu?". In an formal speech you need to use second person plural, for ex. "D'où venez-vous?". Also don't foget to make the verbe "être" agree with the subject.

    "How old are you" in French?

    For asking how old somebody is, in French is used the verb "avoir", but you need to distinguish formal and informal form. Literally you say "J'ai 23 ans." To know how to use it correctly in a conversation check the dialogue at the end of the lesson.

    English French
    How old are you? (informal) Quel âge as-tu?
    I am 23 J'ai 23 ans
    How old are you? (informal) Tu as quel âge?
    How old is he? (formal) Quel âge a-t-il?
    How old is he? (informal) Il a quel âge?

    How to say "what is your job" in French?

    To ask what somebody does for a living, usually we say "What do you do for a living?" (Que faites-vous dans la vie?) or "What is your profession?" (Quel métier faites-vous?). Here you have a list for the most common professions.

    Professions in English Professions en français
    student étudiant
    professor professeur
    doctor médecin
    manager directeur
    nurse infirmière
    dentist dentiste
    psychologist psychologue
    lawyer avocat
    diplomat diplomate
    teacher enseignant
    soldier soldat
    scientist scientifique
    waiter serveur
    engineer ingénieur

    The structure is: subject + conjugated form of "être" + profession


    She is a doctor. = Elle est médecin.

    He is a engineer. = Il est ingénieur.

    She is a waitress. = Elle est serveuse.


    Notice that there is no indefinite article "un/e", like it's used in English.

    Dialogue example          


    Marc: Salut, comment tu t'appelles?

    Julien: Salut, je m'appelle Julien, enchanté. Je suis Français.

    Marc: Quel âge as-tu?

    Julien: J'ai 28 ans et je suis étudiant.

    Marc: Enfin je rencontre un autre Français en Espagne.


    Marc: Hi, what is your name?

    Julien: Hi, my name is Julien, nice to meet you. I am from France.

    Marc: How old are you?

    Julien: I am 28 years old and I am a student.

    Marc: I am finally meeting another French guy in Spain.

    yesFor the end let's summarize this lesson with a few exercises.



    Exercise answering questions about yourself

    Practice a conversation in French

    Dialogue exercise about introducing yourself