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flagWant to find a great course for learning the Estonian grammar? Look no further! This course allows you to have fast and efficient studying and in no time you will have enough knowledge to speak Estonian!




Grammar structure

Typologically, Estonian represents a transitional form from an agglutinating language to a fusional language. It is similar to Finnish and Hungarian but unlike them, Estonian has lost vowel harmony. Nouns and pronouns do not have grammatical gender, but nouns and adjectives decline in fourteen cases which is the most difficult part of learning the Estonian grammar. The canonical word order is considerably more flexible than English, but the basic order is SVO (subject–verb–object). 


Mix of grammar rules and exercises

In this course you will study Estonian grammar structure and rules. Every grammar topic starts with a theory lesson and is followed by multiple interactive and free exercises to help you train your skills.

You can find the basics of Estonian grammar on this page:

  • Sentence structure
  • The tenses
  • Verbs and conjugations
  • Cases
  • Nouns, adjectives, pronouns etc.


Estonian course for foreigners

This course is suitable for everyone who speaks English and is interested in learning Estonian! Doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner - the course starts from the very basics and covers all the important rules about the Estonian grammar. After finishing this course you will be able to have basic conversations and express your thoughts and feelings. You can learn everything you need without having to leave your house!


Additional Skype lessons to become a fluent speaker!

We highly recommend you to take Skype lessons with one of our teachers. You will have a chance to practice your skills with a native speaker and get answers to all of your questions. Schedule a lesson according to your free time and become a master of Estonian! 

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1 Estonian sentence structure Learn the Estonian sentence structure and word order.
2 Estonian nouns Learn about the Estonian nouns, plural forms, diminutives and derivatives.
3 Estonian pronouns Learn the 6 different types of pronouns in Estonian
4 Estonian cases Learn the 14 different cases in Estonian and how to decline words.
5 Estonian verbs Learn the tenses, moods and how to conjugate verbs in Estonian.
6 Estonian adjectives Learn the different types of Estonian adjectives and build the comperative and superlative form.
7 Estonian prepositions and postpositions Learn how to use the prepositions and postpositions correctly in Estonian.
8 Estonian adverbs Learn the different adverbs in Estonian