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  • Learn the Vietnamese colours

    You want to learn how to say the colours in Vietnamese? Then this is the perfect course for you! In the following tables, you can find all the important colours including the colour shades and hair colours in the Vietnamese language. Moreover, we will discuss with you the specific meanings behind certain colours.

    Colours in Vietnamese

    'Màu' is the word for colour and you use it in combination with the different colours when you don't describe an object directly. Therefore, if you are referring to someone or something, you can just use the colour. Only when it comes to the colour yellow and orange, you have to distinguish them clearly as the two combinations mean something different: màu vàng (yellow), vàng (gold) / màu cam (orange) / cam (orange fruit).

    Colour English Vietnamese
    black black đen
    white white trắng
    grey grey xám
    red red đỏ
    purple purple tím
    brown brown nâu
    pink pink hồng
    blue / green blue / green xanh
    yellow yellow màu vàng
    orange orange màu cam
    silver silver xám bạc


    In Vietnamese xanh is used to refer both to the colours blue and green. If you want to make the difference clear, use xanh da trời for sky blue and xanh lá cây for tree leaves green.


    The colour shades

    To indicate the shade of a colour, use nhạt for light and đậm for dark. They are placed after the colour:

    Colour English  Vietnamese
    dark blue dark blue xanh đậm
    light blue light blue xanh nhạt


    The hair colours

    If you refer to a hair colour, use tóc in front of the colour. It literally means hair.

    English Vietnamese
    blond tóc vàng
    brown tóc nâu
    black tóc đen
    red tóc đỏ
    grey tóc hoa râm


    Vietnamese colour meanings

    The colours have different meanings in the Vietnamese culture, than in most European countries. E.g. on a funeral in Vietnam everybody is dressed in white.

    Colour Meaning
    black dark, evil, filth
    white purity, death, the end
    red happiness, luck, celebration, love
    yellow wealth, prosperity, royalty, happiness, change
    green jealousy, lust
    blue  calmness, hope, growth
    pink femininity 
    purple nostalgia, sadness, fragility, tenderness



    You will hopefully be able to name all the different colours and their meanings in Vietnamese now! Test your knowledge with our free exercises!


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