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Teach yourself Vietnamese!

Wondering if Vietnamese is easy or hard to learn for English speakers? Looking for a straightforward and clear language course? Searching to learn Vietnamese by online learning? Seeking a selfstudy survival Vietnamese course for travelling or working purposes? You have come to the right place!

The Vietnamese language

Why would you want to learn Vietnamese? There are tons of good reasons to learn it, only to name a few:

  • Living in Vietnam can provide you with a true taste of life in the East!
  • Vietnam has become an increasingly popular expat destination!
  • Very low cost of living!
  • Besides the pronunciation a rather easy language to learn because it is a completely non-inflective language!
  • Vietnamese grammar is basically non-existent!

Language course for adults, foreigners and expats

The lessons and course outline are structured according to the needs of an adult distance learning audience. You will find topics to help you in every day situations. You will be able to have basic conversations and communicate in daily situations. You will especially benefit from this language course if you move to Vietnam as an expat or immigrant for working purposes.

Unique language course with helpful phrases and exercises especially designed for beginners

We selected a various of topics for this course, which we found important for you to know. This course will help you to get around in Vietnam with ease and have basic conversations with the locals. Every topic is introduced during a theory lesson and is followed by multiple interactive and free exercises. You will train your pronunciation and speaking skills with audio examples, train your writing skills with writing exercises and train reading skills with texts and reading exercises. Compared to expensive traditional learning methods like books, local schools or ebooks, this course is more interesting, fun and engaging. It is an optimal addition with language learning apps which often only train vocabulary.

Additional Skype lessons to train your pronunciation skills

The language course trains different language skills. The course is made to train all your skills and does not limit your language learning experience to only 1 skill! This free self study course is an optimal start on your magic journey to learn Vietnamese! If you want to train your communication skills, train dialogues, speaking, in-depth theory or other advanced topics, then consider blended learning with Skype lessons with one of our language teachers. We strongly advise you to use this course in combination with lessons from one of our native Vietnamese teachers!

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1 The Vietnamese alphabet An introduction to the Vietnamese alphabet and the different tones.
2 How to pronounce Vietnamese The pronunciation of the Vietnamese language with the different tones.
3 Vietnamese keyboard and how to write accents A guide to how to use the Vietnamese keyboard.
4 How to introduce yourself in Vietnamese You will learn how to introduce yourself and have a short conversation.
5 Vietnamese greetings Learn how to greet and engage in small talk in Vietnamese.
6 Vietnamese personal pronouns An introduction to the personal pronouns in the Vietnamese language.
7 How to talk about the weather in Vietnamese Learn how to talk about different weather conditions in Vietnamese.
8 Counting numbers in Vietnamese The numbers in Vietnamese
9 Telling the time in Vietnamese Learn how to ask for and tell the time in Vietnamese.
10 Days, months and seasons in Vietnamese Learn how to say the days, months and seasons in the Vietnamese language.
11 Learn the Vietnamese colours Learn how to say the colours in Vietnamese.
12 Getting directions in Vietnamese An overview of how to ask for directions with all the important vocabularies.
13 How to write country names in Vietnamese A complete list of all countries in Vietnamese.
14 How to name body parts in Vietnamese Learn how to say the body parts in Vietnamese.
15 Foods and drinks in Vietnamese Learn how to name foods and drinks in Vietnamese.
16 Vietnamese sayings (life, love and new year) An overview of Vietnamese sayings about life, love and the new year.