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  • Foods and drinks in Vietnamese

    In this chapter, we will discuss the basic foods and drinks in Vietnamese. This can help you to buy groceries or to order the right meal for you. Next to that, we will provide you with a list of typical Vietnamese dishes. Vietnamese people place high value in eating and a typical day consists of three warm meals. You will always find steamed rice cơm, or any rice product, in combination with fish sauce nước mắm, which is somewhat the substitute for salt, in Vietnamese dishes. Due to the fact that eating out is as cheap as cooking yourself, there are a lot of street vendors. People tend to go and sit down at those places with tiny plastic chairs. This is definitely a typical South-East-Asian experience.


    Food in Vietnamese

    Here you'll find an overview of the basic groceries in Vietnamese:

    English Vietnamese
    meat thịt
    chicken thịt gà
    beef thịt bò
    pork thịt heo
    bread bánh mì
    potato khoai tây
    vegetable rau
    tomato cà chua
    zucchini quả bí
    egg trứng
    cucumber quả dưa chuột
    onion củ hành
    garlic tỏi
    rice cơm
    food món ăn
    mango xoài


    Drinks in Vietnamese

    Here is a list of drinks in Vietnamese:

    English Vietnamese


    beer bia
    wine rượu nho
    coffee cà phê
    tea trà
    juice sinh tố
    soda nước ngọt
    milk sữa
    alcohol rượu


    Other vocabulary 

    This vocabulary list helps you to order a meal:

    English Vietnamese
    medium rare tái
    lean nạc
    spice gia vị
    fresh tươi
    specials đặc sản
    menu thực đơn
    to choose/pick chọn
    to order gọi
    plate đĩa
    stir-fry  xào
    soup xúp
    to roast/barbecue nướng
    fork nĩa
    spoon thìa
    knife dao
    chopsticks đũa


    Typical Vietnamese food

    Here is a list of very popular Vietnamese dishes you should definitely try out:

    Vietnamese Description
    bánh cuốn steamed rice roll
    bánh xèo Coconut milk-flavoured pancakes
    bánh mì Vietnamese sandwich
    gỏi cuốn fresh summer role
    chả giò fried spring roll
    bún chả cold rice noodles served with grilled pork with fresh salad
    phở bò noodle soup with beef and onions served with fresh basil, mint, bean sprouts and lime


    Ordering street food

    A: Bác cho xin một bát phở bò. (I would like to have a bowl of phở bò.)

    B: Cô ăn tái hay chín? (Do you want it medium rare or cooked?)

    A: Bác cho thịt chín. (Cooked, please.)

    B: Cô có muốn uống gì không? (Would you like anything to drink?)

    A: Bác cho xin một sinh tố xoài. (I would like to have a mango juice.)


    A: Bác làm ơn cho tính tiền. (I would like to pay, please.)

    B: Tất cả hết ba mươi nghìn. (It's 30,000.)



    Now, you know all the words for food, drinks and typical Vietnamese dishes. You'll be able to purchase groceries or order food at a restaurant.


    Exercise about food and drinks in Vietnamese

    Food and drinks exercise fill in the blank