• Vietnamese course for beginners A1
  • 1 The Vietnamese alphabet
  • 2 How to pronounce Vietnamese [0/2]
  • 3 Vietnamese keyboard and how to write accents
  • 4 How to introduce yourself in Vietnamese [0/2]
  • 5 Vietnamese greetings [0/2]
  • 6 Vietnamese personal pronouns [0/2]
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  • 14 How to name body parts in Vietnamese [0/2]
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  • How to name body parts in Vietnamese


    1. Body parts in Vietnamese exercise Score -/-
    2. Multiple choice exercise about the body parts in Vietnamese Score -/-

    It might be useful to learn how to name the body parts in Vietnamese if you have to go to the doctor. Then you are able to explain your discomforts better and in return receive a better treatment.


    The body

    Here is a list of all the body parts below the neck:

    English Vietnamese
    arm tay / cánh tay
    shoulder vai
    chest ngực
    back lưng
    foot bàn chân
    belly bụng
    calf con bê
    hand tay
    toe ngón chân
    leg cẳng chân
    ankle ắt cá chân
    elbow khuỷu tay
    knee đầu gối
    thigh đùi
    waist eo
    body thân thể
    heel gót chân
    finger ngón tay
    index finger ngón trỏ
    pinky ngón tay út
    ring finger vòng ngón tay
    middle finger ngón tay giữa
    hip hông
    skin da
    thumb ngón tay cái
    wrist cổ tay


    The head

    In the following table you can find all the words for the head/face part.

    English Vietnamese


    nose mũi
    tongue lưỡi
    tooth răng


    head đầu
    neck cổ
    chin cằm
    ear tai
    mouth miệng
    forehead trán
    throat họng
    lip môi


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    Example sentences:

    • Cô ta có cặp mắt đẹp. - She has beautiful eyes.
    • Tôi ngửi bằng mũi của tôi. - I smell with my nose.
    • Hắn ta cảm nhận bằng tay của hắn. - He feels with his hands.
    • Hắn ta nếm bằng lưỡi của hắn ta. - He tastes with his tongue.
    • Bạn nghe bằng tai của bạn. - You hear with your ears.
    • Chúng ta nhìn bằng mắt của chúng ta. - We see with ours eyes.



    Now you know all the names for the parts of the body and can even form basic sentences about your senses. Strengthen your skills with our exercises!