• Italian course for beginners (A1)
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  • 2 How to introduce yourself in Italian (my name is...) [0/6]
  • 3 Asking and telling the time in Italian [0/5]
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  • 11 Countries and nationalities in Italian [0/6]
  • 12 Describing someone in Italian (adjectives, body) [0/9]
  • 13 Feelings and emotions in Italian (I love you) [0/7]
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  • In this lesson you will learn how to express how you feel in Italian.

    Emotions in Italian (happiness, fun, love, sadness)

    Here you can find of the most important nouns regarding le emozioni (emotions) and states of mind and their translation.

    Italian English
    Agitazione Agitation
    Ansia Anxiety
    Allegria Glee
    Preoccupazione Worry
    Confusione Confusion
    Noia Boredom
    Rabbia Anger
    Felicità Happiness
    Delusione Disappointment
    Depressione Depression
    Entusiasmo Enthusiasm
    Fiducia Trust
    Gelosia Jealousy
    Indifferenza Indifference
    Fastidio Annoyance
    Amore Love
    Malinconia Melancholia
    Nervosismo Nervousness
    Nostalgia Nostalgia
    Odio Hatred
    Orgoglio Pride
    Ottimismo Optimism
    Pessimismo Pessimism
    Relax Relax
    Tranquillità Tranquillity
    Sconforto Discouragement
    Sorpresa Surprise
    Stanchezza Tiredness
    Stress Stress
    Tristezza Sadness


    Take a look at the following examples.

    Italian English
    Giorgio ama la tranquillità della campagna. Giorgio loves the tranquillity of the countryside.
    Molti cercano la felicità nei posti sbagliati e non apprezzano le piccole cose. Many people look for happiness in the wrong places and don't appreciate the little things.

    Moods in Italian (happy, sad, tired, in love)

    Here you can find of the most important adjectives regarding moods and their translation.

    Italian English
    Allegro Cheerful
    Preoccupato Worried
    Annoiato Bored
    Arrabbiato Angry
    Confuso Confused
    Deluso Disappointed
    Depresso Depressed
    Divertito Amused
    Entusiasta Enthusiastic
    Fiducioso Faithful
    Geloso Jealous
    Indifferente Indifferent
    Infastidito Annoyed
    Innamorato In love
    Malinconico Melancholy
    Nostalgico Nostalgic
    Nervoso Nervous
    Orgoglioso Proud
    Ottimista Optimistic
    Pessimista Pessimistic
    Rilassato Relaxed
    Sconfortato Discouraged
    Sorpreso Surprised
    Stanco Tired
    Stufo Fed up (informal)
    Stressato Stressed out
    Tranquillo Calm
    Triste Sad


    Take a look at the following examples.

    Italian English
    Il mio ragazzo è molto felice oggi. My boyfriend is very happy today.
    Non è positivo essere invidiosi degli altri. Being envious of other people is not positive.


    enlightened Don't forget that adjectives agree in gender and number with the noun they refer to.
    To learn more, go to Adjectives agreement in Italian.

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    How to express feelings in Italian (I feel...)

    To express an emotion, use the Verb To Be and an adjective.

    Italian English
    Io sono I am
    Tu sei You are
    Egli è He is
    Ella è She is
    Noi siamo We are
    Voi siete You are
    Essi sono They are


    Let's some some practical examples.

    Italian English
    Sono molto triste. I am very sad.
    La bambina è divertita dalla giostra. The little girl is amused by the carousel.


    I love you, I miss you, I like you in Italian

    To say you love or care about someone, use the following expressions.

    Italian English Usage 
    Ti amo I love you Used in romantic love
    Ti voglio bene I love you, I hold you dear Used with family and friends
    Mi manchi I miss you Same as in English
    Mi piaci I like you Same as in English


    Let's see some examples.

    Italian English
    Buon anniversario. Ti amo! Happy anniversary. I love you!
    Ti voglio bene, nonna. I hold you dear, grandma.


    Daily dialogue

    Dialogue 1

      Italian English
    Sara Sono molto preoccupata per l'esame di domani... I'm so worried for tomorrow's exam...
    Alessia Non devi essere nervosa! Se stai tranquilla, avrai risultati migliori. You don't have to be nervous. If you are relaxed, you will get better results.
    Sara E' facile essere ottimista quando l'esame non è il tuo! Ho tanta confusione in testa... It's easy being optimistic when the exam is not yours! I have so much confusion in my mind...
    Alessia Proviamo a studiare insieme, non essere così triste! Let's try to study together, don't be so sad!


    Dialogue 2

      Italian English
    Andrea Come sei quando sei innamorato? What are you like when you are in love?
    Giacomo Felice! Ma spesso sono anche geloso. Happy! But often also jealous.
    Andrea Cosa ti rende geloso? What makes you jealous?
    Giacomo Quando l'altra persona fa l'indifferente e sembra che mi nasconda qualcosa. When the other person acts in an indifferent way and it seems like they are hiding something.
    Andrea E' importante avere fiducia! It's important to have trust.
    Giacomo Lo so, ma essere preoccupato fa parte di me. I know, but being worried is a part of me.