• Italian course for beginners (A1)
  • 1 Greetings in Italian (hello, goodbye, ...) [0/5]
  • 2 How to introduce yourself in Italian (my name is...) [0/6]
  • 3 Asking and telling the time in Italian [0/5]
  • 4 Days of the week, months and holidays in Italian [0/6]
  • 5 How to talk about your family in Italian [0/6]
  • 6 House, rooms, furniture in Italian [0/14]
  • 7 The weather in Italian [0/5]
  • 8 Body parts in Italian [0/12]
  • 9 Clothes in Italian (shoes, accessories, fashion) [0/13]
  • 10 The colours in Italian [0/5]
  • 11 Countries and nationalities in Italian [0/6]
  • 12 Describing someone in Italian (adjectives, body) [0/9]
  • 13 Feelings and emotions in Italian (I love you) [0/7]
  • 14 Food names in Italian [0/9]
  • 15 How to order food at the restaurant in Italian [0/6]
  • 16 Animals and pets in Italian [0/14]
  • 17 Nature in Italian [0/5]
  • 18 School in Italian [0/6]
  • 19 Jobs and professions in Italian [0/6]
  • 20 The city and asking for directions in Italian [0/7]
  • 21 Hobbies and sports in Italian [0/5]
  • 22 Health in Italian [0/5]
  • 23 Wishes and proverbs in Italian [0/4]
  • Exercise on the dialogues of the lesson - Fill in the blanks

    How well do you remember the dialogues of the lesson?


    Sara: Sono molto ____ per l'esame di domani...
    (Sara: I'm so worried for tomorrow's exam...)
    Alessia Non devi essere ____! Se stai ____, avrai risultati migliori.
    (Alessia: You don't have to be nervous. If you are relaxed, you will get better results.)
    Sara: E' facile essere ____ quando l'esame non è il tuo! Ho tanta ____ in testa... 
    (Sara: It's easy being optimistic when the exam is not yours! I have so much confusion in my mind...)
    Alessia: Proviamo a studiare insieme, non essere così ____! 
    (Alessia: Let's try to study together, don't be so sad!)


    Andrea: Come sei quando sei ____?
    (Andrea: What are you like when youi are in love?)
    Giacomo: ____! Ma spesso sono anche geloso.
    (Giacomo: Happy! But often also jealous.)
    Andrea: Cosa ti rende ____?
    (Andrea: What makes you jealous?)
    Giacomo: Quando l'altra persona fa l'____ e sembra che mi nasconda qualcosa.
    (Giacomo: When the other person acts in an indifferent way and it seems like they are hiding something.)
    Andrea: E' importante avere ____!
    (Andrea: It's important to have trust.)
    Giacomo: Lo so, ma essere ____ fa parte di me.
    (Giacomo: I know, but being worried is a part of me.)

    Trained skill: