• Italian course for beginners (A1)
  • 1 Greetings in Italian (hello, goodbye, ...) [0/5]
  • 2 How to introduce yourself in Italian (my name is...) [0/6]
  • 3 Asking and telling the time in Italian [0/5]
  • 4 Days of the week, months and holidays in Italian [0/6]
  • 5 How to talk about your family in Italian [0/6]
  • 6 House, rooms, furniture in Italian [0/14]
  • 7 The weather in Italian [0/5]
  • 8 Body parts in Italian [0/12]
  • 9 Clothes in Italian (shoes, accessories, fashion) [0/13]
  • 10 The colours in Italian [0/5]
  • 11 Countries and nationalities in Italian [0/6]
  • 12 Describing someone in Italian (adjectives, body) [0/9]
  • 13 Feelings and emotions in Italian (I love you) [0/7]
  • 14 Food names in Italian [0/9]
  • 15 How to order food at the restaurant in Italian [0/6]
  • 16 Animals and pets in Italian [0/14]
  • 17 Nature in Italian [0/5]
  • 18 School in Italian [0/6]
  • 19 Jobs and professions in Italian [0/6]
  • 20 The city and asking for directions in Italian [0/7]
  • 21 Hobbies and sports in Italian [0/5]
  • 22 Health in Italian [0/5]
  • 23 Wishes and proverbs in Italian [0/4]
  • If you want to start your studies in Italy, it's important to know all vocabs related to school (la scuola).

    School vocabulary in Italian (book, notebook, pen,...)

    Let's have a look at the main vocabs about school objects

    Italian English
    la penna the pen
    la matita the pencil
    la gomma the rubber
    il righello the ruler
    il temperino the pencil sharpener
    l'evidenziatore the marker
    il portapenne / l'astuccio the pencil case
    il libro the book
    il quaderno  the notebook
    la cartella the school bag
    la classe  the classroom
    il banco di scuola the school desk
    la lavagna the blackboard
    la colla the glue
    le forbici the scissors

    School subjects in Italian (history, geography,...)

    In the following table we'll find all school subjects.

    Italian English
    matematica maths
    fisica physics
    italiano Italian
    scienze science
    storia history
    geografia geography
    lingue straniere (inglese, francese,...) languages (English, French,...)
    arte art
    filosofia philosophy
    educazione fisica Physical Education (P.E.)
    musica music
    informatica Information Technology (I.T.)

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    Useful school expressions and vocabulary

    Let's see some expressions and words that can be useful by talking about school

    Italian English
    in quale scuola sei andato? what school did you go to?
    quale scuola hai frequentato? ehich school did you attend?
    ho frequentato... I attended
    sono andato alla scuola elementare I went to primary school
    vado alla scuola media I go to middle school 
    vado al liceo I go to high school
    vado all'università I go to university
    che titoli di studio hai? what qualifications have you got?
    in che anno ti sei laureato? what year did you graduate?
    che materie hai oggi? what subjects do you have today?
    oggi ho inglese, matematica, scienze,... today I have English, maths, science ...
    la presenza / la frequenza the attendance
    l'orario delle lezioni the class schedule / the timetable
    il dormitorio the dormitory
    l'esame the exam
    iscrivere / iscriversi to enroll
    la laurea the graduation
    il maestro the teacher
    il professore the professor
    la ricreazione / l'intervallo the recess
    il preside the headmaster / the principal
    il semestre the term / the semester
    studiare to study
    la verifica the test
    il voto the mark

    Daily dialogues

    Take a look at the following dialogue about school.

      Italian English
    Francesca Oggi ho una verifica di inglese, domani un'altra di musica. E tu? Today I'll have an English test, tomorrow another music test. And you?
    Michele Io oggi ho una verifica di matematica e devo ancora comprare gomma e matita... mi serviranno sicuramente! Today I'll have a maths test and I still have to buy rubber and pencil ...Certainly I'll need them! 
    Francesca Certo! Se vuoi andiamo insieme in negozio, a me serve un quaderno nuovo, un righello e la colla. Of course! If you want, we'll go together to the shop, I need a new notebook, a ruler and a rubber.
    Michele Perfetto! Così il maestro non si arrabbierà e magari mi darà un bel voto. Perfect! So the teacher will not get angry and maybe he'll give me a good mark.