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Are you interested in learning Italian easy, fast and for free with an online course? If you are reading this, it means you have come to the right place.

Teach yourself Italian - at home!

With this online course, you will become your very own teacher. 

You can decide your own schedule and monitor your own progress while studying Italian by yourself, fully benefitting from the independence that only online lessons can give you. Moreover, distance learning provides you with the possibility to learn Italian without enrolling in schools or requesting private lessons, thus allowing you to benefit from a less time-consuming, but still efficient alternative to usual language practice.

In short: if you had always wanted to be a self-learner, yet you are unsatisfied with "grammar for beginners" or "Italian for dummies" books and want to try something different, this is most definitely the language course for you!

Italian for beginners, tourists and foreigners

The following course is meant to provide a first-hand approach to Italian for English speakers. No matter whether you are:

  • student,
  • a tourist,
  • an expat,
  • an adult learner,
  • a foreigner,
  • any other kind of beginner...!

Why learn Italian? - Use of the Italian language worldwide!

With around 85 million native speakers in the whole world, Italian is the third most spoken language in Europe. It enjoys official status in three countries:

  1. Italy (60 million)
  2. San Marino
  3. Vatican City

In addition, it also has:

  • official status as one of the three languages of Switzerland;
  • semi-official status in other continents such as America (due to its large immigrant communities in Argentina, Brazil and the United States) and Africa (Libya, Somalia, Eritrea) due to the remnants of colonization in the past centuries. 

That being said, Italian might not be one of the most spoken languages in the world, yet it is one of the most unique and flavoured. In many aspects such as ortography, vocabulary and grammar, it is probably the most direct descendant of Latin, the very first language in history to be spread out in the whole Europe. 

Online language course with vocabulary, pronunciation and exercises

All the lessons cover basic aspects which are essential for beginners who have never spoken or studied Italian before, such as introductory lessons to pronunciation of letters and the alphabet, words and phrases for basic conversation, vocabulary for many different themes and topics. You will never get yourself lost!

Italian exercises for beginners

Each lesson covers a specific topic and offers you the possibility to test your skills and progress through interactive exercises, from English to Italian or viceversa. Just like in a regular text book, you will improve your knowledge of basic Italian along the way, curbing your skills as you go through always more specific lessons. 

No need to enroll in any school!

You might have already looked for online Italian courses on platforms such as Babbel, Duolingo and Rosetta Stone. Compared to those, the present course places a deeper emphasis on theory lessons and step-by-step learning rather than just exercises: so, whenever you will feel unsure about any aspect of the Italian language while practicing, you can always go back to the lessons and look for what you have been missing! Moreover, if you will have fun while learning, you will be willing to step up further with more complex courses about grammar, moving from beginner into intermediate.

Learn to write, speak, read and understand Italian in no time!

As you go through the course, you will be involved in each one of the required competencies in foreign language learning:

  • listening: all lessons and pages feature audio text guides: you will never have any trouble with understanding and learning how to read!
  • speaking: as you listen each word with the help of the aforementioned audio support, it will also get easier for you to learn how to spell letters, words and phrases;
  • reading and writing: practice your newly learned skills with the interactive exercises embedded in the course. 

And if you want to further train your communication or comprehension skills, or you need preparation to undertake an official exam for a language certificate (like CILS or CELI), we highly recommend you to book additional lessons with a verified coLanguage teacher. 

Find a teacher here!

Buona fortuna e buon divertimento!

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1 Greetings in Italian (hello, goodbye, ...) Greetings in Italian
2 How to introduce yourself in Italian (my name is...) Learn how to introduce yourself in Italian.
3 Asking and telling the time in Italian Learn how to ask and tell the time in Italian
4 Days of the week, months and holidays in Italian Italian vocabulary for days, weeks and months
5 How to talk about your family in Italian Italian vocabulary for family members
6 House, rooms, furniture in Italian Learn the vocabulary of the house
7 The weather in Italian Italian vocabulary on weather
8 Body parts in Italian Italian vocabulary for body and health
9 Clothes in Italian (shoes, accessories, fashion) Italian vocabulary for clothes and fashion
10 The colours in Italian Italian vocabulary for colours
11 Countries and nationalities in Italian A lesson on nationalities and country names in Italian
12 Describing someone in Italian (adjectives, body) A useful list of adjectives to describe a person and their opposites.
13 Feelings and emotions in Italian (I love you) Learn more about how to express your emotions in Italian.
14 Food names in Italian A lesson on Italian vocabulary for food
15 How to order food at the restaurant in Italian Learn the most important phrases at the restaurant.
16 Animals and pets in Italian Italian vocabulary for animals and pets
17 Nature in Italian A lesson about nature vocabulary in Italian
18 School in Italian Learn the Italian vocabulary to talk about school.
19 Jobs and professions in Italian Italian vocabulary for work and professions
20 The city and asking for directions in Italian Learn the most important places in a city and how to ask for directions in Italian.
21 Hobbies and sports in Italian Learn how to talk about your hobbies and interests.
22 Health in Italian A lesson about healthcare (hospital, doctor,...)
23 Wishes and proverbs in Italian A simple lesson on Italian basic conversation