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  • The weather in Italian

    In this lesson we will learn how to talk about the weather.

    ​Words to talk about the weather (sun, sky, snow)

    ​First of all, here are some important words regarding the weather.

    Italian    English
    Il sole Sun
    La nuvola Cloud
    Il vento Wind
    La pioggia Rain
    L'arcobaleno Rainbow
    La neve Snow
    La grandine Hail
    Il fulmine Lightning
    Il tuono Thunder
    La tempesta Storm
    Il ghiaccio Ice
    Il temporale    Thunderstorm


    How to ask about the weather in Italian...

    To know more about the weather, Il tempo, ask the following question:

    enlightened Che tempo fa (oggi)? What's the weather like (today)?

    Here are a few useful variations.

    Italian English
    Che tempo farà domani? What will the weather be like tomorrow?
    Quanti gradi ci sono? How many degrees are there outside?
    Fa caldo? Is it warm?
    Fa freddo? Is it cold?

    The temperature in Italian

    In Italy we use the Celcius scale to measure the temperature: 0 C° = 32 F°.
    To translate Degree(s) use Grado [centigrado] (singular) or Gradi [centigradi] (plural).

    Italian English
    Ci sono 10 gradi. There are 10 degrees.
    La temperatura è di 1 grado centigrado. The temperature is 1 degree.

    ...and how to answer

    If the weather is nice, then C'è bel tempo. You can use the following expressions:

    Italian English
    Fa caldo It's warm/hot
    C'è il sole The sun is shining
    E' sereno The sky is clear

    If the sky is grey, then C'è brutto tempo, there's a bad weather.

    Italian English
    Fa freddo It's cold
    E' nuvoloso It's cloudy
    C'è vento It's windy
    C'è la nebbia It's foggy
    Sta piovendo
    It rains
    It's raining
    C'è una tempesta There's a storm
    Sta diluviando
    It rains hard
    It's raining hard
    Sta nevicando 
    It snows
    It's snowing
    Si congela It's freezing cold


    Daily dialogue

    Take a look at the following dialogue.

      Italian English
    Claudio Ciao Martina, che tempo farà domani? Hi Martina, what will the weather be like tomorrow?
    Martina Ciao Claudio, domani ci sarà il sole! Hi Claudio, tomorrow will be sunny! (Tomorrow there will be the sun)
    Claudio  Che bello! Oggi piove e c'è il vento, fa molto freddo. Una vera tempesta! How nice! Today it rains and it's windy, it's very cold. A real storm!
    Martina Sì...ieri invece nevicava! Fuori si congelava. Yes...yesterday it snowed instead! It was freezing cold outside.



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