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  • Days of the week, months and holidays in Italian

    This lesson will teach you the days of the week, months and seasons in Italian.

    Remember that, unlike English, these words are not written with a capital letter.

    The days of the week in Italian

    I giorni della settimana The days of the week
    il lunedì Monday
    il martedì Tuesday
    il mercoledì Wednesday
    il giovedì Thursday
    il venerdì Friday
    il sabato Saturday
    la domenica    Sunday

    Let's see some examples.

    Italian English
    Il martedì vado in palestra. I go to the gym on Tuesdays.
    Il giovedì siamo chiusi. On Thursdays we are closed.

    Yesterday, today and tomorrow in Italian

    To talk about time in Italian, you can use the following expressions.

    Italian English
    Ieri Yesterday
    L'altro ieri The day before yesterday
    Oggi Today
    Domani Tomorrow
    Dopodomani The day after tomorrow


    The months in Italian

    ​Here are I dodici mesi (the twelve months).

    Il mese / I mesi The month(s)
    Gennaio January
    Febbraio February
    Marzo March
    Aprile April
    Maggio May
    Giugno June
    Luglio July
    Agosto August
    Settembre September
    Ottobre October
    Novembre November
    Dicembre December

    The date in Italian

    enlightened Remember! In Italy the date format is DD/MM/YYYY.

    Date Italian
    Sempteber, 3rd, 1989 3 Settembre 1989
    April, 23rd, 1996 23 Aprile 1996

    In Italian, we always use cardinal numbers (Italian numbers) to indicate a day; the only exception is 1st, Il Primo.

    Italian English
    Il quattro settembre September, 4th
    Il primo giugno June, 1st

    The seasons in Italian

    Here are Le quattro stagioni (the four seasons).

    Le stagioni The seasons
    L'inverno Winter
    La primavera Spring
    L'estate Summer
    L'autunno Autumn


    Holidays in Italy (Christmas, Easter)

    Let's find out the most important Italian national days and holidays.

    Month Day Name Holiday
    January 1st Capodanno 
    (New Year's Day)
    This day is usually spent celebrating with friends and family.
      6th Epifania 
    According to the the Christian tradition, today is the arrival of the 3 Magi in Bethlehem,.
    A more commercial tradition says that La Befana, an old poor witch who flies on a broom, brings candies to the good kids and coal to the bad kids on this day.
    February 14th San Valentino
    (Valentine's Day)
    Let's celebrate love! Don't forget to get your special someone some chocolate and roses!
      Variable Carnevale
    All the children dress up with a costume and celebrate together in the city, throwing colorful coriandoli (confetti) around.
    March 8th Festa della donna 
    (Women's Day)
    It's typical to honour with a mimosa flower all the women you know on this day.
      17th Unita d'Italia
    (Unification of Italy)
    Italy was unified in 1861. This day celebrates it!
      19th La festa del papà
    (Father's Day)
    Give your dad a hug today!
    April Variable Pasqua
    It's typical to gift to children some Uova di cioccolato (Chocolate eggs) with a little surprise inside. Don't forget to wish Buona Pasqua! (Happy Easter)
      The day after Easter (Monday) Pasquetta One more day off to spend with friends and family; if the weather allows it, have a barbecue!
      25th Anniversario della Liberazione
    (Anniversary of the Liberation)
    Italy broke free from the Nazi during WWII, in 1945.
    May 1st

    Festa dei Lavoratori
    (Labour's Day)

      The 2nd Sunday 

    Il giorno della mamma
    (Mother's Day)

    Hug your mom and thank her today.
    June 2nd La Festa della Repubblica
    (Republic Day)
    It's an important day in the Italian history: in 1946, Italians opted for a Republican system instead of a Monarchy-guided country.
      Around the half of the month   School is out!
    August 15th Ferragosto Almost everyone has today or a whole week off to go on vacation or just to gather with friends and family and do what Italians do best: eat!
    Semptember Around the half of the month   School starts again.
    October 31st Halloween In this night, young people celebrate a non-Italian tradition: Halloween. 
    Don't forget your scary mask!
    November 1st Ognissanti
    (All Saints' Day)
    A day to honour all the Saints, known and unknown.
      2nd Il Giorno dei Morti
    (Day of the Dead)
    A day used to remember friends and family who passed away.
    December 8th Immacolata Concezione
    (The Immaculate Conception)
    National religious holiday.
    According to the tradition, you should decorate your Albero di Natale (Christmas tree) today.
      24th La Vigilia di Natale
    (Christmas' Eve)
    Gather with your family to eat and have fun while waiting for Christmas.
      25th Natale
    Buon Natale! (Merry Christmas!) Enjoy your day with food and presents.
      26th Santo Stefano
    (Saint Stephen)
    One more day to spend with your loved ones.
      31st San Silvestro
    (New Year's Eve)
    Get ready to pop open a nice bottle of spumante, champagne: it's almost l'anno nuovo, the new year!


    Daily dialogue

    Check out the following dialogue.

      Italian English
    Andrea Che giorno è Pasqua quest'anno? What day will Easter be this year?
    Barbara Il 4 aprile. April, 4th.
    Andrea E' un mercoledì? Is it a Wednesday?
    Barbara No, è una domenica. No, it's a Sunday.
    Andrea Il 4 aprile è in primavera? Is April, 4th in Spring?
    Barbara Sì! Yes.



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