• Italian course for beginners (A1)
  • 1 Greetings in Italian (hello, goodbye, ...) [0/5]
  • 2 How to introduce yourself in Italian (my name is...) [0/6]
  • 3 Asking and telling the time in Italian [0/5]
  • 4 Days of the week, months and holidays in Italian [0/6]
  • 5 How to talk about your family in Italian [0/6]
  • 6 House, rooms, furniture in Italian [0/14]
  • 7 The weather in Italian [0/5]
  • 8 Body parts in Italian [0/12]
  • 9 Clothes in Italian (shoes, accessories, fashion) [0/13]
  • 10 The colours in Italian [0/5]
  • 11 Countries and nationalities in Italian [0/6]
  • 12 Describing someone in Italian (adjectives, body) [0/9]
  • 13 Feelings and emotions in Italian (I love you) [0/7]
  • 14 Food names in Italian [0/9]
  • 15 How to order food at the restaurant in Italian [0/6]
  • 16 Animals and pets in Italian [0/14]
  • 17 Nature in Italian [0/5]
  • 18 School in Italian [0/6]
  • 19 Jobs and professions in Italian [0/6]
  • 20 The city and asking for directions in Italian [0/7]
  • 21 Hobbies and sports in Italian [0/5]
  • 22 Health in Italian [0/5]
  • 23 Wishes and proverbs in Italian [0/4]
  • It's important to know the names of the colours ( I colori) to describe someone or something.

    Italian colours list

    In the following table you'll find the most common greetings in Italian.

    Italian English
    il rosso red
    l'arancione orange
    il giallo yellow
    il verde green
    l'azzurro light-blue
    il blu blue
    il viola purple
    il rosa pink
    il marrone brown
    il nero  black
    il grigio gray
    il bianco white


    Dark vs. Light 

    To express a darker or lighter shadow of colours, use the words scuro (dark) and chiaro (light).

    rosso chiaro, rosso scuro
    light red, dark red

    verde chiaro, verde scuro
    light green, dark green

    blu chiaro, blu scuro
    light blue, dark blue

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    Invariable colours

    When colours are used as adjectives, they follow the general declension rules of adjectives:

    Masculine singular Feminine singular Masculine plural Feminine plural English
    rosso rossa rossi rosse red
    verde verde verde verdi green

    Some colours, like blu, viola e rosa, are invariable.

      Masculine Singular Feminine Singular Masculine Plural Feminine Plural English
    blu il tavolo blu la bottiglia blu i tavoli blu le bottiglie blu (the) blue table (s)
    (the) blue bottle(s)
    viola il tavolo viola la bottiglia viola i tavoli rosa le bottiglie viola (the) blue table (s)
    (the) pink bottle(s)
    rosa il tavolo rosa la bottiglia rosa i tavoli rosa le bottiglie rosa (the) pink table (s)
    (the) pink bottle(s)

    Italian flag colours

    Italian flag is the symbol of Italy and of the national unity. It is formed by three vertical stripes and, from left to right, its colours are: green, white, red.

    • Green (verde): this colours represents Italian meadows and "macchia mediterranea" (typical vegetation or mediterranean area consisting of densely growing evergreen shrubs)
    • White (bianco): this colours stands for Italian snow, especially in the Alpes and Apennines mountains ("Alpi" and "Appenini")
    • Red (rosso): this colours is an homage to soldiers that died during the wars that involved the country

    Daily dialogues

    Check out this dialogue:

      Italian English
    Maria Vorrei comprare quella maglietta gialla I would like to buy that yellow T-shirt
    Emma Mi piace ma preferisco quella verde scuro I like it but I prefer the green one
    Maria Ci penserò...Guarda quei pantaloni blu! Sono bellissimi! I'll think about it... Look at that blue trousers! They are wonderful!
    Emma Hai ragione! Insieme alle scarpe rosse sarebbero perfette! You're right! They'll be perfect together with the red shoes