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  • Greetings in Croatian

    Bok! A conversation in Croatian always starts with a greeting. The timing for the afternoon and evening is something different in Croatia and therefore you use different greetings for the daycare. On this page you will learn how to use different greetings.

    The main daily greetings in Croatian

     Other greeting is used for "good day" which in Croatian would be "Dobar dan". You can also use "Dobar dan" during the whole afternoon.  

     English  Croatian
     Good morning  Dobro jutro
     Good evening  Dobra večer
     Good night  Laku noć


    Example dialogue: 


    Marko: Dobro jutro, kako si, ideš li na posao?

    Ivan: Bok, dobro sam. Da nažalost idem.


    Marko: Good morning, how are you, are you going to work?

    Ivan: Hi, I am good. Yes, unfortunately I am going.


    How to say welcome in CroatiancoLanguage

    If you're visiting someone, it's nice to welcome them and offer the best hospitality as possible. Here is important to pay attention to verb conjugation, but about that you can find more in the grammar course.

     English Croatian
     Welcome - singular/she  Dobrodošla
     Welcome - singular/he  Dobrodošao
     Welcome - plural/she  Dobrodošle
     Welcome - plural/she  Dobrodošli


    Example dialogue:


    Marko: Dobrodošao u Hrvatsku. Koliko dugo ostajete?

    Ivan: Hvala, dobro Vas našli. Mislimo ostati tjedan dana.

    Marko: Odlično, onda se imate vremena odmoriti.


    Marko: Welcome to Croatia. For how long are you staying here?

    Ivan: Thank you for nice welcoming. We think to stay one week.

    Marko: Perfect, zhan you have enough time to rest.


    How to say goodbye in Croatian

    If you visit a store in Croatia, you will notice that you are greeted with "doviđenja". What does it mean? If you seperate in 2 words "doviđenja" you would get - until the next time. In this table you will see ways how to say goodbye in Croatian. 

     English  Croatian
     Bye  Bok
     Goodbye  Doviđenja
     See you!  Vidimo se!
     Next time  Sljedeći put
     Enjoy  Uživaj


    Dialogue example:


    Marko: Bilo mi Vas je drago vidjeti. Nadam se da se vidimo sljedeći put.

    Ivan: Također, odlično sam se proveo.

    Marko: Vidimo se uskoro!


    Marko: It was nice seeing you. I hope to see yu next time.

    Ivan: Also, I had a great time.

    Marko: See you soon!


    Learn common Croatian phrases (cheers and thank you)

    • If you want wish the best while having fun you should learn how to say cheers in Croatian
    • If you want to examine your gratitude you should learn how to say thank you in Croatian
    • If you want to be romantic with your partner you should learn how to say I love you in CroatiancoLanguage
     English  Croatian
     Thank you   Hvala
     I love you   Volim te
     Cheers   Uzdravlje
     Please  Molim
     You're welcome  Molim
     How are you  Kako si
      What's up?   Što ima?


    I hope you learned something from here! It's always fun to start a conversation in Croatia. Also look at the page to learn how to introduce yourself in Croatian.


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