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  • Asking for directions in Croatian

    Do you want to explore Croatia and visiting as many sightseeings as possible? Being in an unknown city in which you can easily get lost and miss the various things you hoped to see. Team coLanguage will show you not only how to ask for direction in Croatian, but also how to understand the directions you are given. Let's start our trip! 

    How to ask for directions in Croatian?

    As in every language, there are several ways how to properly ask for directions in Croatia. In order to avoid awkwardness, first of all, you should approach to a person and say: "Molim vas, možete li mi pomoći ( please, can you help me) or just "Oprostite" ( sorry).

    In the table below, we will give few examples which could be useful:

     English  Croatian
     Could you tell me where the museum is?   Možete li mi reći gdje je muzej?
     How do I get to the airport?   Kako ću doći do aerodroma?
     Do you know where the train station is?   Znate li gdje je željeznička stanica?
     Do you know where is this street?  Znate li gdje je ova ulica?


    Cardinal directions in Croatian coLanguage

    Before starting the lesson, you should learn how to ask for the cardinal directions in Croatian. Learn Croatian basics!

     English  Croatian
     North  sjever
     West  zapad
     East  istok
     South  jug



    • How to get to the airport? = Kako doći do aerodroma?
    • You should just turn left to the South. = Skreni lijevo prema sjeveru.
    • On the Norht side of Malta you have beautiful beaches. = Na južnoj stracni Malte imaš lijepe plaže. 

    Asking the way: vocabulary

    Displayed table could be useful for the finding solutions while you're asking for directions!

     English  Croatian
     left   lijevo
     right  desno
     to the left  na lijevo
     to the right  na desno
     straight  ravno
     in front of  nasuprot
     behind  iza
     next to  do
     next  sljedeći
     at the beginning  na početku
     at the end  na kraju
     to the east  prema istoku



    • At the beginning of the street you can find a shop. - Na početku ulice možeš pronaći dućan.
    • The man is walking behind me. - Muškarac hoda iza mene.coLanguage

    Places of interest in Croatian

    In the following list, you can find some places you might like to go:

     English  Croatian
     the train station  željeznička stanica
     the bus station  autobusna stanica
     the airport  aerodrom
     the museum  muzej
     the restaurant  restoran
     the bar  bar
     the city center  centar grada
     the monument  spomenik
     the hospital  bolnica
     the police station  policijska postaja
     the bridge  most



    • Hey, how can I reach city center? = Bok, kako ću doći do centra grada?
    • Do you know where is police station? = Znate li gdje je policijska postaja?

    Example dialogue


    Marko: Oprostite, znate li gdje se nalazi katedrala sv. Duje?

    Ivan: Da, trebate ići ravno do Gornjeg Grada, zatim skrenuti na lijevo na trg Svetog Marka.

    Marko: Kako doći do trga?

    Ivan: Dakle, trg se nalazi pored ulice Zagrepčanka. Prva ulica na desno.

    Marko: Hvala puno na pomoći!

    Ivan: Nema na čemu, doviđenja.


    Marko: Excuse me, do you know where St. Duje Cathedral is located? 

    John: Yes, you have to go straight to Upper Town, then turn left onto St. Mark's Square.

    Marko: How to get to the square?

    Ivan: So, the square is next to Zagreb's street. The first street on the right.

    Marko: Thanks a lot for your help!

    Ivan: You are welcome, goodbye.


    Are you ready to explore a Croatian-speaking country? Maybe, first, you should try out our exercises!


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