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  • The body parts in Croatian

    It may be important to describe people or yourself. In this lesson we begin with the components of the human body = ljudsko tijelo, which may be of interest to the doctor or in other situtations that you can give to what you are suffering from. The whole lesson will be divided in 3 parts: the head, parts of the body and the organs. 

    The head in Croatian

    We will start with the parts of the face in Croatian.coLanguage

     English  Croatian
     the head  glava
     the face  lice
     the chin  brada
     the mouth  usta
     the lips  usne
     the tooth  zub
     the tongue  jezik
     the nose  nos
     the eye   oko
     the ear  uho
     the eyelash  trepavica
     the eyebrow  obrva
     the hair  kosa
     the ears  uši



    • You can hear with your ears. - Možeš čuti svojim ušima.
    • He has beautiful blue eyes. - On Ima lijepe plave oči. 
    • He has a nice tooths. - On ima lijepe zube.

    Parts of the body coLanguage

    In different situations, it may be useful to name the different parts of the body - tijelo - with the doctor, for example. Study the displayed table!

     English  Croatian
     the head  glava
     the shoulder  rame
     the arm  ruka
     the elbow  lakat
     the belly  stomak
     the hand   ruka
     the leg  noga
     the foot  stopalo
     the back  leđa
     the neck  vrat
     the finger  prst
     the toe  palac
     the nail  nokat
     the knee  koljeno



    • I can smell with my nose. - Mogu nanjušiti svojim nosom. 
    • We see with our eyes. - Vidimo našim očima. 
    • He has a big foots. - On ima velika stopala.

    How to say the organs in Croatian?coLanguage

    Last but not least, we will have a look on the organs = organi of a human being.

     English  Crotian
     the blood  krv
     the blood vessel  krvna žila
     the brain  mozak
     the liver  jetra
     the lung  pluća
     the heart  srce
     the kidney  bubreg
     the large intestine  debelo crijevo
     the small intestine  tanko crijevo
     the spleen  slezena



    • She has tongue piercing.  - Ima piercing na jeziku.
    • He feels with his hand. - On osjeća s vlastitom rukom.
    • His lung is demaged because he smokes a lot. - Njegova pluća su oštećena jer puno puši.


     If you want to learn more, please check the other pages of this course. Until next time!


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