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  • Family members in Croatian

    As this is a course for beginners, knowing how to say family members in Croatian is indispensable. On this page we will teach you the relatives in Croatian. First you will learn about close family members than about family-in-law members.

    Parents and children

    How do you actually call your trusted family? First let's talk about roditelji i djeca! You read it below.

     English  Croatian
     the family  obitelj
     the mother  mama
     the father  tata
     the child   dijete
     the children  djeca 
     the siblings  rodbina
     the sister  sestra
     the brother  brat
     the son  sin
     the daughter  kćer
     the wife  žena
     the husband  muž
     the half-brother  polubrat
     the half-sister  polusestra


    Grandparents and grandchildren

    Logically the family tree continues with grandparents.

     English  Croatian
     the grandmother  baka
     the grandfather  djed
     the grandchildren  unuci
     the granddaughter  unuka
     the grandson  unuk


    Uncles, aunts, cousins and nephews

    You should know the division between the family tree. How to say your mother's brother or sister in Croatian?

     English  Croatian
     the uncle  ujak
     the aunt  tetka
     the cousin (male)  rođak
     the cousin (female)  rodica
     the nephew   nećak
     the niece  nećakinja


    Members of family-in-law

    Your family in-law is formed on the one hand by the members of your spouse's family. But it can also be formed by the family members of a remarriage, for example after a divorce. Here is a detailed list of vocabulary to describe your family in-laws

    English Croatian
    family-in-law obitelj po zakonu
    stepparents pastori
    stepmother maćeha
    stepfather oćuh
    stepdaughter pokćerka
    stepson posinak
    mother-in-law punica
    father-in-law punac
    sister-in-law polusestra
    brother-in-law polubrat
    daughter-in-law snaha
    son-in-law zet


    enlightenedPay attention that in Croatian as in English we also distinguish stepdaughter (spouse's female child) who we translate as "pokćerka" and daughter-in-law (son's wife) we translate as "zet".


    Relationship-status coLanguage

    Somebody might ask what is your relationship status, you should know what to reply!

     English  Croatian
     single  slobodan
     married  oženjen
     divorced  rastavljen
     widow  udovica
     left  ostavljen


    Talking about family in Croatian

    The following list will help you to find some practical examples about how to use already written vocabulary. 

     English  Croatian
     Do you have siblings?  Imaš li braću ili sestre?
     I have brother.  Imam brata.
    What's your father's name?  Koje je ime tvog oca?
     My father's name is Mario.  Ime mog oca je Mario.
     I'm single.  Slobodan sam.
     I'm married.   Oženjen sam.
     My parents are divorced.  Moji roditelji su rastavljeni. 


    Now you know more about the family in Croatian. Do you want to know more? Take a look at the other pages of this course.


    Exercise family members in Croatian

    Multiple choice exercise with the family members in Croatian.