• Croatian language course for beginners
  • 1 Croatian alphabet [0/1]
  • 2 Greetings in Croatian [0/3]
  • 3 Introduce yourself and how to say hello in Croatian [0/2]
  • 4 Asking for directions in Croatian [0/2]
  • 5 Daily conversations in Croatian (restaurant, shopping) [0/2]
  • 6 Croatian numbers [0/2]
  • 7 Telling the time in Croatian [0/3]
  • 8 Colours in Croatian language [0/2]
  • 9 Days, months, seasons in Croatian language [0/2]
  • 10 Family members in Croatian [0/2]
  • 11 The body parts in Croatian [0/2]
  • 12 Ordering in the restaurant in Croatian [0/2]
  • 13 Countries and nationalities in Croatian [0/2]
  • 14 Grocery shopping in Croatian [0/2]
  • Grocery shopping in Croatian


    1. Exercise the vegetables and fruits in Croatian Score -/-
    2. Meat, fish and dairy products exercise Score -/-

    Can you imagine yourself being lost in some Croatian supermarket? Probably yes, new country - new rules. It would be delightful if you learn at least the basic vocabulary for grocery shopping in Croatian. Take a look at this lesson!

    Croatian shopping phrases

    Before learning how all the fruits and vegetables = voće i povrće are called in Croatian, try to learn some basic grocery phrases which you might find useful. 

     English  Croatian
     the groceries  namirnice
     the supermarket  supermarket
     the bakery  pekarna
     the cash point  blagajna
     the money  novac
     the credit card  kreditna kartica
     the gram  gram
     the kilogram  kilogram
     one piece  jedan komad
     one dozen  jedna doza



    • Can I get one kilogram of these fruits? - Mogu li dobiti kilogram od ovog voća?
    • Where is the bakery? - Gdje je pekarna?
    • Can I pay by a credit card? - Mogu li platiti kreditnom karticom?

    Fruits in Croatian

    First of all, we will learn how the different fruits are called in Croatian! coLanguage

     English  Croatian
     the apple  jabuka
     the pear  kruška
     the banana  banana
     the orange  naranča
     the grapefruit  grožđe
     the mandarin  mandarina
     the lemon  limun
     the lime  limeta
     the strawberry  jagoda
     the blueberry   borovnica
     the rasberry  malina
     the blackberry  kupina
     the plum   šljiva
     the kiwi  kivi
     the watermelon  lubenica
     the pineapple  ananas
     the grape  grejp



    • Are these lemons fresh? - Jesu lu ovi limuni svježi?
    • Do you have pineapple? - Imate li ananas?
    • Can I get 2 kilos of grape? - Možete li mi dati 2 kilograma grejpa?

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    Vegetables in Croatian

    In the following list you will find all vegetables with their translation in Croatian!

    the vegetables = povrće coLanguage

     English  Croatian
     the potato  krumprir
     the carrot  mrkva
     the tomato  rajčica
     the cucumber  krastavac
     the zucchini  tikvica
     the eggplant  patlidžan
     the pumpkin  tikva
     the bean  biži
     the brokkoli  brokuli
     the salad  salata
     the lentil  leća
     the onion  luk
     the garlic  ćešnjak
     the cauliflower  karfiol
     the spinach  špinat



    • I love eating salad. - Volim jesti salatu.
    • I do not prefer having onion in my meal. - Ne voli imati luka u jelu. 
    • I love to eat salad as I side dish. - Volim jesti salatu kao prilog.

    List of dairy products in Croatian

    Below, you will find a list with the most important products in Croatiann!

     English  Croatian
     the milk  mlijeko
     the youghurt  jogurt
     the sour cream  kiselo vrhnje
     the cheese  sir
     the butter   maslac
     the cream cheese  krem sir


    Meat, fish and seafood

    Last, we will learn some vocabulary about meat and fish products! coLanguge

     Croatian  English
     the meat  meso
     the fish  riba
     the seafood  plodovi mora
     the pork  svinjetina
     the beef  govedina
     the turkey  puretina
     the ham  šunka
     the bacon   slanina
     the salmon  losos
     the shrimp  škamp
     the squid  lignje
     the tuna  tuna
     the lobster  jastog


    Example dialogue in a supermarket


    Ivana: Dobar dan, možete li mi reći gdje se nalazi povrće?

    Prodavačica: Idite samo ravno, vidjet ćete pored voća.

    Ivana: Hvala, a meso je li ga prodajete u supermarketu?

    Prodavačica: Da, imamo najsvježiju ribu, ravno iz Jadranskog mora. Ali ukoliko volite losos imamo i to.

    Ivana: Odlično, obožavam sve morske plodove. Najdraže mi ih je jesti s povrćem. Hvala Vam na pomoći.

    Prodavačica: Nema na čemu.


    Ivana: Good day, can you tell me where the vegetables are?

    Salesman: Just go straight, you will see them next to the fruit.

    Ivana: Thanks, and do you sell the meal in the supermarket?

    Salesman: Yes, we have the freshest fish, straight from the Adriatic Sea. But if you love salmon we have it too.

    Ivana: Excellent, I love all the sea fruits. I like to eat them with vegetables. Thank you for your help.

    Seller: You are welcome.


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