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Sun, sea, beach and beautiful scenery. Croatia is not a beloved place for winter so it's just opportunity to escape from cold. You probably landed on this page because you were looking for online Croatian course. Now, you are on the right place. 


The Croatian language 

Croatian language is the official language in two countries (Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina) and it's spoken in 4 countries. Croatia is considered as a very homogeneous country with more than 96% of the population speaking Croatian. Why don't you want to impress someone with your knowledge during your holidays in Croatia.

Online language course for beginners with free exercises

This course is made up of various logically structured subjects, vocabulary and exercises. You get to know the basic principles like the Croatian alphabet and the numbers in Croatian step by step. After a short introduction and explanation, you will find a dictionary on every page to improve your vocabulary, the colorful images will help you with this. All class topics include exercises for an optimal learning experience! The course is made at the beginner level (according to CEFR, level A1) and enables you to master the basic vocabulary quickly and easily. 

Basic Croatian for English speakers, tourists, travelers or expat

With this Croatian home course you can get started whenever and wherever you want. The lessons and course content are structured so that you as a English speaker will quickly get to know the basics. The online course allows you to learn Croatian quickly through the internet without the need to purchase expensive books or courses. You will learn how to travel on a journey and in everyday situations. 

Self-study Croatian in combination with teacher classes

Because of the combination of self-study with Skype classes, you do not have to go to the local evening school to learn Croatian. You simply learn from home. You learn at your own pace and not be bothered by other students or permanenent  study schedule. Do you want to practice pronunciation and communication? We strongly advise to book private lessons with a Skype teacher on our website in conjunction with this online language course. Why learn Croatian? It's worth it.

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1 Croatian alphabet In order to speak Croatian, first lesson should be Croatian alphabet.
2 Greetings in Croatian If you are willing to impress someone with Croatian greetings, you are on the right place.
3 Introduce yourself and how to say hello in Croatian Learn how to introduce yourself in Croatian.
4 Asking for directions in Croatian Ask for directions in Croatia, do not get lost!
5 Daily conversations in Croatian (restaurant, shopping) Would you like to order something in Croatian? You are on the right place.
6 Croatian numbers If you are willing to speak Croatian, you should start now!
7 Telling the time in Croatian Ask what time is it in Croatian! Free online language course for beginners.
8 Colours in Croatian language If you are willing to learn colours in Croatian, you are on the right place
9 Days, months, seasons in Croatian language If you are willing to speak Croatian, you are on the right place!
10 Family members in Croatian Learn family members in Croatian!
11 The body parts in Croatian Can you count every body part in Croatian?
12 Ordering in the restaurant in Croatian Learn how to order food and drinks in Croatian restaurant!
13 Countries and nationalities in Croatian Learn the countries and nationalities in Croatian!
14 Grocery shopping in Croatian Learn the most important vocabulary for going grocery shopping in Croatian!