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  • Telling the time in Croatian

    Ask the time in Croatian

    Do you wonder what time it is? On this page we will teach you how to properly say the exact time in Croatian. We will start with a few basic rules and then you will see some examples. Firstly, it is important to know how to identify and recognize these questions: 


     English word  Croatian word
     What's the time?  Koliko je sati? 
     Do you know what time it is?  Znaš li koliko je sati?
    Can you tell me what time is ti? Možeš li mi reći koliko je sati?


    The clock rules Online course for beginners

    Croatians take a relaxed approach to being on time, so do not expect too much. 24- hour clock is officially used by all Croatians. It is very common to hear the following way of expressing the time, i.e on television or radio. Keep in mind that the times are expressed in plural. The only exception is one hour, which is in singular. 

    Apart from that, the clock is divided into two parts, on the left side it is "minute" meaning minutes and on the right side it is "i" which literally means "and", word "sati" means hours. 

    Below are some examples of clock times in the table!

     English  Croatian  Photo
     It's one o'clock  Jedan je sat  coLanguage
     It's three o'clock  Tri su sata   coLanguage
     It's twelve o'clock  Dvanaest sati  coLanguage
     It's ten o'clock  Devet sati   coLanguage 


    • Ivane, već je dvanaest sati, moramo ići! - Ivane, it's already noon, we must go!
    • Uvijek kasniš, već je deset sati i petanest minuta. - You are always late, it's already fifteen past ten.

    The half hours

    In order to understand the usage of "half hours", in Croatian you should just add "i pol" to express "half an hour"

     English  Croatian
     Half past eight  Osam i pol
     Half past six  Šest i pol
     Half past eleven  Jedanaest i pol


    The quarters

    Comparing to English language, in Croatian you should first add the hour and than minutes. 

     English  Croatian
     Quarter past four  Četiri sata i petanaest minuta
     Quarter past seven  Sedam sati i petnaest mintua
     Quarter to two  Petnaest minuta do dva


    The minutes

    In Croatian, you should first say the hour + minutes. If in English is used "to" we will translate that as "do".

     English  Croatian
     Seven minutes past four  Četirti sata i sedam minuta
     Twenty minutes past twelve  Dvanaest sati i dvadeset minuta
     Eleven minutes to five  Jedanaest minuta do pet


    Times of the day in Croatian

    If you have time, it might be useful to know about which part of your day you have. Below you can find an overview of the day parts in Croatian. 

     English word  Croatian word
     The morning   Jutro
     The afternoon  Poslijepodne
     The night  Noć/ Večer
     The evening  Predvečer
     AM  Prijepodne
     PM  Poslijepodne


    The times in Croatian are not so hard to learn. If you learn the basics, you will be able to express the time easily. Until next time!


    Multiple-choice exercise for clock times in Croatian

    Right or wrong? Practice with the times in Croatian.

    Talking about the time: exercise