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  • Days, months, seasons in Croatian language

    The days of the week, months of the year and seasons are always handy to know. On this page we learn the seasons in Croatian, Croatian days of the week and months of the year. 

    The four seasons in Croatian

    The word "season" we translate in French as two words "godišnje doba" or in plural "godišnja doba"

    Four seasons will be displayed in the table below:




    Kada sunce sja i ljudi uživaju na terasi ili na plaži tada govorimo o ljetu. = When sun shines well, people are enjoying on the terrace or at the beach - then we are talking about summer.

    Kada cvijeće cvjeta i sunce ga miluje, onda smo u proljeću. = When flowers are in bloom and the sun is coming through, we are in spring. 

    Kada je kišovito i otpada lišće onda smo u jeseni. = When it's rainy and the leaves fall from the tree, we are in  autumn. 

    Negdje je jako hladno, a ponekad i sniježi. To je zima. = It's quite cold in some places, sometimes there is even snow. That is winter. 

    Days of the week in Croatian

    Comparing to English language, days in Croatian are not written in capital letters. Take a look below for the days of the week in Croatian.

    Days in English Dani na hrvatskom
     Monday  ponedjeljak
     Tuesday  utorak
     Wednesday  srijeda
     Thursday  četvrtak
     Friday  petak
     Saturday  subota
     Sunday  nedjelja



    Hajmo se naći u petak. = Let's meet on Friday. coLanguage

    Hoćemo li ići vani ovaj vikend? = Shall we go out this weekend? 

    U nedjelju ću ići na izlet u Barcelonu. = At Sunday I will do a trip to Barcelona. 


    Months in Croatian

    Months of the year in English are written in capital letters whereas in Croatian that's not the case. If you know any Slavic language you will see that there are many similarities in the pronunciation. 

    Months in English Mjeseci na hrvatskom
     January  siječanj
     February  veljača
     March  ožujak
     April  travanj
     May  svibanj
     June  lipanj 
     July  srpanj
     August  kolovoz
     September  rujan
     October  listopad
     November  studeni
     December  prosinac



    Rođen sam u ožujku, a ti? = I was born in March, what about you? 

    Radujem se nadolazećim mjesecima, lipnju i srpnju, moji omiljeni. = I looking forward upcoming months; June and July, my favorites. 

    Moj najbolji prijatelj je rođen u kolovozu. = My best friend was born in August. 


    Now, it's time to try your skills with a few exercises that we have prepared for you!


    Practise the days of the week and seasons in Croatian

    Filling blanks with months of the year in Croatian