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  • Countries and nationalities in Croatian

    Welcome back to a new class in Croatian for beginners. When you meet new people, the first question is often: where are you from = Odakle dolaziš? It's a good way to make contacts and get to know people better. On this page we will talk about countries and nationalities. After this lesson you will know how to say where you come from and what your nationality is!

    • Asia - Azija
    • Africa - Afrika
    • North America - Sjeverna Amerika
    • South America - Južna Amerika
    • Europe - Europa
    • Oceania - Oceania

    In every part you will read the translation of some countries and nationalities. To ask from where somebody comes from, you can say: Odakle si? If you want indicate the conversation and reply the question, you should say: Ja sam iz.. ( which basically means I'm from..)

    Asian countries in Croatian

    In the table you will find some countries that are in the Asian continent = kontinent. As you can see, there are many similarities with English. 

     English  Croatian  Nationality
     China  Kina  Kinez
     Japan  Japan  Japanac
     Afghanistan  Afganistan  Afganistanac
     Korea  Koreja  Korejanac
     Irak  Irak  Iračanin
     India  Indija  Indijac
     Malesia  Malezija  Malezijac
     Vietnam  Vijetnam  Vijetnamac
     Iran  Iran  Iranin


    African countries in Croatian

    In the table you will see the translation of African countries = afričkih zemalja in Croatian.

     English  Croatian  Nationality
     Cameroon  Kamerun  Kamerunac
     Congo  Kongo  Kongoanac
     Egypt  Egipt  Egipćanin
     Ethiopia  Etiopija  Etiopljanin
     Gambia  Gambija  Gambijac
     Ghana  Gana  Ganac
     Kenya  Kenija  Kenijac
     Morocco  Maroko  Marokanac
     Nigeria  Nigerija  Nigerijac
     Uganda  Uganda  Ugandac
     Senegal  Senegal  Senegalac
     Somalia  Somalija  Somalac
     Tunisia  Tunis  Tunišanin
     Tanzania   Tanzanija  Tanzanac


    North American countries in Croatian

    When you think of North America or Sjeverna Amerika, you soon think of the United States or Sjedinjene Američke Države, but there are more countries in this continent. 

     English  Croatian  Nationality
     Bahama's  Bahami  Bahamac
     Canada  Kanada  Kanađanin
     Cuba  Kuba  Kubanac
     Jamaica  Jamajka  Jamajkanac
     Mexico  Meksiko  Meksikanac



    South American countries in Croatian

    In South America, the official language is Spanish. Of course there are different accents per region, but one can mostly understand each other. Exceptions is Brazil where the Portuguese is spoken. 

     English  Croatian  Nationality
     Argentina  Argentina  Argentinac
     Brazil  Brazil  Brazilac
     Chile  Čile  Čileanac
     Columbia  Kolumbija  Kolumbijac
     Peru  Peru  Peruanac
     Suriname  Surinam  Surinamac
     Venezuela  Venezuela  Venezualac


    European countries in Croatian

    In this table you will find some countries that are geographically located in Europe. This does not mean that these countries are members of the European Union. For instance, Russia is not a member, but is partly in Europe = Europa and partly in Asia = Azija. coLanguage

     English  Croatian  Nationality
     Albania  Albanija  Albanac
     Belgium  Belgija  Belgijanac
     Bulgaria  Bugarska  Bugar
     Denmark  Danska  Danac
     Germany  Njemačka  Njemac
     Estonia  Estonija  Estonac
     Finland  Finska  Finac
     Greece  Grčka  Grk
     France  Francuska  Francuz
     Ireland  Irska  Irac
     Hungary  Mađarska  Mađar
     Iceland  Island  Islanđanin
     Croatia  Hrvatska  Hrvat
     Serbia  Srbija  Srbin
     Italy  Italija  Talijan
     Malta  Malta  Maltežanin
     Netherlands  Nizozemska  Nizozemac
     Austria  Austrija  Austrijanac
     Portugal  Portugal  Portugalac
     Spain  Španjolska  Španjolac
     Poland  Poljska  Poljak
     Romania  Rumunjska  Rumunj
     Russia  Rusija  Rus
     Turkey  Turska  Turak
     Macedonia  Makedonija  Makedonac
     Bosnia and Herzegovina  Bosna i Hercegovina  Bosanac
     Slovakia  Slovačka  Slovak
     Czech republic  Češka republika  Čeh
     England  Engleska  Englez


    Oceania in Croatian

    The translation of the three most famous countries in the continent of Oceania = Oceanija. 

     English  Croatian  Nationality
     Australia  Australija  Australac
     New Zeland  Novi Zeland  Novozelanđanin
     Fiji  Fiji  Fijanac


    From now on you can always say where you or someone else comes from. Take a look at one of the other pages and next time!


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