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  • Ordering in the restaurant in Croatian

    How to properly order food in Croatia

    Imagine yourself enjoying holidays in sunny Croatia where people are not that good in English. What would you do? Probably learn some bacis vocabulary for ordering food = "naručiti hranu i piće" and drinks in Croatian. Therefore, coLanguage team will show you in this lesson how to order food and drinks in Croatian-speaking country. Start now!

    Ordering food in Croatian

    There is high chance for hearing following questions from waiter/waitress: 

     English  Croatian
     Have you chosen already?  Jeste li odabrali već?
     What would you like to order?  Što biste voljeli naručiti?
     What would you like to drink?  Što biste voljeli popiti?
     What would you like to eat?  Što biste voljeli pojesti?


    If you still have no idea what would you like to eat nor drink. With following phrases you will manage to express your needs. 

     English  Croatian
     One moment, please  Jedan trenutak, molim.
     I don't know yet  Još ne znam
     What can you recommend?  Što biste preporučili?
     What is the daily special?  Koji je dnevni specijalitet?


    yes Are you ready to order now? You might use this options: 

     English   Croatian
     I would like to...

     Želio bih

     Željela bih

     I will take...  Uzet ću


    List of food in Croatian

    Croatia is a mediterranean country which means menu is mostly filled with sea-food specialties = specijalitetima od morski plodova. Besides, we will teach you most common used food products in Croatian. 

    • the menu - meni
    • the main dish - glavno jelo
    • the side dish - prilog
    • the dessert - desert
     English  Croatian
     the fish   riba
     the octopus  hobotnica
     the hake  oslić
     the salad  salata
     the soup  juha
     the vegetables  povrće
     the fruit  voće
     the potatoe  krumpir
     the pork  svinjetina
     the beef  govedina
     the cod fish  bakalar
     the sauce  umak
     the lamb  janjetina
     the chicken  piletina
     the salt  sol
     the pepper  papar
     the sugar  šećer
     the olive oil  maslinovo ulje
     the oil  ulje
     the vinegar  ocat
     the bread    kruh



    • Can I get more bread, please. - Mogu li dobiti još kruha, molim Vas?
    • Is there any vinegar? - Imate li octa?
    • Can you give me some oil? - Možete li mi dodati malo ulja?

    List of drinks in Croatian

    You cannot go in the restaurant without orderings some drinks. Following words might be useful. Pay attention!coLanguage

     English  Croatian
     the water  voda
     the sparkling water  mineralna voda
     the beer  pivo
     the wine  vino
     the white wine  bijelo vino
     the red wine  crno vino
     the juice  sok
     the lemonade   limunada
     the milk  mlijeko
     the coffee  kava
     the tea  čaj



    • Can I get more red wine? - Mogu li dobiti još crnog vina?
    • Do you maybe have tea? - Imate možda li čaja?
    •  We can go to drink a beer tonight. - Večeras možemo ići na pivo.

    Would you like to ask for the bill in Croatian? coLanguage

     English  Croatian
     The bill, plase  Račun, molim.
     I would like to pay.   Volio bih platiti.
     Together  Zajedno
     Seperated  Odvojeno
     the tip  Napojnica


     Why don't you try out our fun and interactive exercises? Practice your vocabulary skills with coLanguage team.


    Ordering food and drinks. Fill in the blanks

    Answer questions by using food and drinks in Croatian