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  • Daily conversations in Croatian (restaurant, shopping)

    On this page you will find some useful sentences that you can apply to different situations, such as as ordering in a restaurant "Naručiti u restoranu" or doing shopping "Ići u shopping".

    Order in a Restaurant

    Mostly all over the dalmatian coast, people will speak English but If you have a good will to practice your Croatian, we have prepared few useful sentences that you can use to engage in conversation with someone while traveling.

    Find a table 

    You enter a restaurant and the first question could easily be: Imate li slobodno mjesto - Do you have a free spot? or Imam rezervaciju! - I have a reservation. Check the table below for the example phrases, usually spoken in a restaurant.coLanguage

     English  Croatian
     I reserved a table for three people.   Rezervirao sam stol za tri osobe. 
     A table for two please.  Stol za dvoje, molim. 
     Is this table free?  Je li slobodan ovaj stol?


    Order food and drinks

    You can speak with the server in Croatian. Why not?  Regarding the drinks when you go toast you say uzdravlje and, of course, živjeli (both mean "cheers")! 

     English  Croatian
     Do you want something to drink?   Želite li nešto popiti?
     Do you want to eat something?   Želite li nešto jesti?
     May I have the menu?   Menu, molim vas.
     What do you recommend me?   Što biste mi preporučili?
     Do you have vegetarian dishes?  Imate li vegeterijanska jela?
     Another beer please.  Još jedna piva, molim.


    Request the bill

    May I have the bill? - Račun, molim vas! The waiter will ask if everything was as requested and if you have eaten excellent, you can say: Compliments to chef - Pohvale kuharu.

     Croatian  English
     It tasted delicious  Bilo je ukusno.
     Can I have the bill  Mogu li dobiti račun?
     We would like to pay  Voljeli bismo platiti
     Can we pay by card?  Možemo li platiti karticom?


    Example dialogue


    Ivan: Dobar dan, rezervirao sam stol za 4 osobe. Ako mi možete dati jedan blizu prozora.

    Marko: Da, naravno, imamo jedan s prekrasnim pogledom na more.

    Ivan: Odlično. 

    Marko: Što biste naručili za jesti i za piti?

    Ivan: Može nešto vegetarijansko i jedan sok i volio bih platiti karticom.

    Marko: Izvolite, da, naravno. 


    Ivan: Good afternoon, I booked a table for 4 people. If you can give me one near the window.

    Marko: Yes, of course, we have one with a beautiful sea view.

    Ivan: Great.

    Marko: What would you like to order to eat and drink?

    Ivan: If there is something vegetarian and one juice,  and also  I would like to pay with a card.

    Marko: Yes, yes, of course.

    Useful vocabulary for public transport

    Is it still far or near? Sometimes you do not know exactly which way you should be up and it's good to remember some sentences to ask for the way. Also check our lesson about giving directions.


     English  Croatian
     Is it far?   Je li daleko?
     I'm lost.  Izgubio sam se.
     Where can I find a gas station?   Gdje mogu pronaći pumpnu stanicu?
     Turn left  Skreni lijevo
     Go straight  Idi ravno
     Turn right  Skreni desno


    In the taxi

    Sometimes hand gestures can be helpful for taxi drivers. The beach is always a good idea, read below the sentences that you can use during a cab ride.

     English  Croatian
     I have to go to the beach.  Moram ići na plažu.
     How much does it cost?  Koliko će koštati?
     Are we almost there?  Jesmo li uskoro stigli?
     I would like to order a taxi.  Želio bih naručiti taksi. 


    Example dialogue:


    Ivan: Dobro jutro, htio bih kupiti paket od deset karata za Zagreb.

    Marko: Cijena je 10 eura i putovanje traje 2 sata.

    Ivan: U redu, možete mi reći vrijeme?

    Marko: Dakle, međugradski autobus ide u 10 sati ujutro, a zadnja stanica za Vaš smjer je autobusni kolodvor Zagreb.

    Ivan: Hvala Vam puno na Vašoj pomoći. Doviđenja.


    Ivan: Good morning, I would like to buy a book of ten tickets for Zagreb.

    Marko: The price is 10 euros and the trip lasts 2 hours.

    Ivan: Good, and can you tell me the time?

    Marko: So, the intercity bus leaves at 10 a.m. and the last stop for your direction is the autobusni kolodvor Zagreb.

    Ivan: Thank you very much for your help. Goodbye!


    Shopping in Croatian

    Everybody expects something from you when you get back from the holidays. Check useful shopping phrases:


     English  Croatian
     How much does it cost?  Koliko košta?
     Can I pay with a credit card?  Mogu li platiti karticom?
     Can I have the purse?  Mogu li dobiti torbu?
     Can you give me the cash?  Možete li mi dati u novčanicama?
     I would like to return this?  Željela bih ovo vratiti.
     Can you pack it for me?  Možete li mi zapakirati?


    Example dialogue


    Marija: Dobar dan, je li trebate pomoć?

    Ivan: Dobar dan. Da, bilo bi dobro. Tražim neki poklon za prijateljicu, ali bi htio da bude i korisno.

    Marija: Preporučujem Vam torbu.

    Ivan: Koja je cijena i može li se platiti karticom?

    Marija: Cijena je 200 kuna.

    Ivan: U redu, uzimam, možete li mi zapakirati poklon?

    Marija: Naravno.


    Mary: Good day, do you need help?

    Ivan: Good afternoon. Yes, it would be good. I'm looking for a gift for a friend, but she wants it to be useful.

    Marija: I recommend your a bag.

    Ivan: What is the price and can I pay with a card?

    Marija: Price is 200 kuna.

    John: All right, I take it, can you pack my gift?

    Marija: Of course.


    Proper preparation ensures extra confidence, so make sure you read the sentences well and dare to speak in particular! For additional support, you can get prizes from one of our teachers. Start to speak Croatian!


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