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  • Introduce yourself and how to say hello in Croatian

    We aim to concentrate on the spoken, everyday language. If you take a look at an average Croatian language book, perhaps you might find many things, which are not used nowadays. If you are willing to become a beginner or just know how to introduce yourself in Croatian, you are in the right place. Our coLanguage team prepared the most used phrases and greetings. 

    First meeting and common phrases

    How to say hello in Croatian

    Let's start with a short introduction about common croatian phrases. You should start with an easy "hello" or "hi" in Croatian. Most of the greetings below are used for everyday life conversations, so they might come in handy if you memorize them. 


     English  Croatian
     Hi  Bok
     Hello  Bok



    • Hi, I am Darko. - Bok, ja sam Darko.
    • Hello, my name is Ivana. - Bok, moje ime je Ivana.
    • Hi, why are you here? - Bok, zašto si ovdje?

    Learn how to introduce yourself

    Our coLanguage team collected useful Croatian phrases for almost every occasion. After this lesson, you will be capable to impress some Croatian native speaker with your knowledge. Hopefully, before reading these phrases, you already learned the alphabet. coLanguage

     English  Croatian
     What's your name?   Kako se zoveš?
     My name is..

     Moje ime je

     Ja se zovem

     I am  Ja sam
     And what is your name?  I kako se ti zoveš?
     Please  Molim


    Dialogue examples


    Mario: Kako se zoveš?

    Ivana: Bok, moje ime je Ivana.

    Mario: Čime se baviš?

    Ivana: Ja sam studentica u Zagrebu.


    Mario: What is your name?

    Ivana: Hi, my name is Ivana.

    Mario: What do you do?

    Ivana: I am a student in Zagreb.

    Asking how are you?

    If you are willing to start a conversation with a Croatian, you should use some of these Croatian phrases:

     English  Croatian
     How are you?   Kako si?
     How is it going?   Što ima?
     Everything fine?   Sve u redu?
     Good and how are you?   Dobro sam, a ti?
     It's okay  U redu je


    Where do you come from?

    One is often curious about where you come from and will ask you: Odakle si? Do not be afraid to reply, it's a  question in Croatia!

     English word  Croatian word
     Where do you come from?   Odakle dolaziš?
     Where are you from?  Odakle si?
     Where do you live?   Gdje živiš?
     I'm from Croatia.  Ja sam iz Hrvatske.
     Why are you here?   Zašto si ovdje?


    Everyday lifecoLanguage

    To ask what someone does with their daily life, you should ask this question: Što radiš?

     English word  Croatian word
     I am a student  Ja sam student
     I am a teacher  Ja sam učitelj


    Telling your age

    At the end, you can ask how old someone is. In Croatian you will use the verb "have" in order to express your age. 

     English word  Croatian word
     How old are you?   Koliko godina imaš?
     I am 18  Imam 18 godina


    Recap dialogue example:


    Ivana: Bok, kako se zoveš?

    Mario: Bok, zovem se Mario, drago mi je. Doalzim iz Hrvatske.

    Ivana: Koliko imaš godina?

    Mario: Imam 22 godine i student sam.

    Ivana: Konačno sam upoznala nekog Hrvata u Španjolskoj.


    Ivana: Hi, what is your name?

    Mario: Hi, my name is Julien, nice to meet you. I am from Croatia.

    Ivana: How old are you?

    Mario: I am 22 years old and I am a student.

    Ivana: I am finally meeting a Croatian in Spain.


    Now it's already time to end this conversation, a simple "bye" would be: Bok or Doviđenja.


    Practice introducing yourself in Croatian

    FIll in the blanks: how to introduce yourself in Croatian