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  • How to order food in Germany

    Imagine you want to order some food and drinks in a German restaurant and the waiter does not speak any English - Wouldn't it be great to know at least the basic vocabulary to order food and drinks in German? Of course, it would! Therefore I will show you in this lesson how to order food and drinks in a German-speaking country. Have fun! :)

    Ordering food in German

    First, the waiter/waitress will ask you probably one of the following questions:

    English German
    Have you chosen already? Haben Sie schon gewählt?
    What would you like to order? Was möchten Sie bestellen?
    What would you like to drink? Was möchten Sie trinken?
    What would you like to eat? Was möchten Sie essen?
    Would you like a starter? Möchten Sie eine Vorspeise?


    You don't know yet what to drink and to eat or you want to have a recommendation? The following phrases will help you to express yourself:

    English German
    One moment, please Einen Moment bitte
    I don't know yet Ich weiß es noch nicht
    What can you recommend? Was können Sie empfehlen?
    What is the daily special? Was ist das Tagesangebot?


    Ready to order? Then you have two options:

    • I would like... = Ich möchte...
    • I will have... = Ich nehme...

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    List of food in German

    In order to be able to understand a German menu, I will teach you how the most common food products of a German menu are called!

    • the menu = die Speisekarte
    • the starter = die Vorspeise
    • the main dish = das Hauptgericht
    • the side dish = die Beilage
    • the dessert = die Nachspeise
    English German
    the soup die Suppe
    the salad der Salat
    the bread das Brot
    the vegetables das Gemüse
    the potatoes die Kartoffeln
    the French fries die Pommes frites
    the rice der Reis
    the pasta die Nudeln
    the dumpling der Knödel
    the sauce die Sauße
    the pork das Schweinefleisch
    the beef das Rindfleisch
    the chicken das Huhn
    the turkey die Pute
    the lamp das Lamm
    the sausage die Wurst
    the fish der Fisch
    the seafood die Meeresfrüchte
    the carrot die Karotte
    the mushroom der Pilz
    the cabbage der Kohl/das Kraut
    the tomato die Tomate
    the apple der Apfel
    the banana die Banane
    the orange die Orange
    the sugar der Zucker
    the salt das Salz
    the pepper der Pfeffer


    List of drinks in German

    Also, you should learn how the different drinks are called!

    English German
    the water das Wasser
    the sparkeling water das Mineralwasser
    the beer das Bier
    the wine der Wein
    the white wine der Weißwein
    the red wine der Rotwein
    the sparkling wine der Sekt
    the juice der Saft
    the apple juice der Apfelsaft
    the orange juice der Orangensaft
    the lemonade die Limonade
    the milk die Milch
    the tea der Tee
    the coffee der Kaffee
    the espresso der Espresso


    How do you ask for the bill in German?

    Also, you should learn the following expressions:

    English German
    The bill, please Die Rechnung bitte
    I would like to pay, please Ich möchte gerne bezahlen
    together zusammen
    separately getrennt
    the tip das Trinkgeld


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