• German course for beginners
  • 1 The German alphabet [0/2]
  • 2 German greetings (Hello in German) [0/3]
  • 3 Introduction in german (talking about yourself) [0/2]
  • 4 Counting in German (cardinal and ordinal numbers) [0/3]
  • 5 The Time in German (hours and minutes in German) [0/3]
  • 6 Days of the weeks, months and seasons in German [0/3]
  • 7 Colours in German (blue, green, yellow...) [0/3]
  • 8 Asking for directions in German [0/3]
  • 9 The weather in German (sun, rain, temperature...) [0/3]
  • 10 Family members in German (parents, siblings...) [0/3]
  • 11 Body parts in German [0/3]
  • 12 Countries in German (Europe, Asia, Africa, America) [0/5]
  • 13 Ordering in Germany (restaurant, waiter, dinner) [0/3]
  • 14 German travel phrases [0/3]
  • 15 Grocery shopping in Germany [0/3]
  • 16 German proverbs [0/3]
  • 17 Animal names in German (pets, mammals, birds, ...) [0/4]
  • 18 Clothing in German (shoes, accessories, ...) [0/2]
  • 19 Happy birthday in German (parties and congratulations) [0/3]
  • 20 I love you in German (emotions and feedback) [0/3]
  • 21 Needs and opinions in German (polite requests) [0/4]
  • 22 Hobbies in German (sports and games) [0/3]
  • 23 House, room, furniture vocabulary in German [0/3]
  • 24 Descriptions in German (appearance and characteristics) [0/5]
  • 25 Business vocabulary in German (work and negotiations) [0/3]
  • 26 Going to the doctor and health vocabulary in German [0/3]
  • 27 School vocabulary in German (subjects and persons) [0/3]
  • 28 Places of interest German (post office, infrastructure) [0/3]
  • 29 Nature words in German (parks and outdoor) [0/2]
  • Asking for directions in German

    You want to explore a German-speaking country seing as many sightseeings as possible? Then you really should learn how to ask for the direction in German! Being in an unknown city you can easily get lost and miss the things you hoped to see. In order to avoid this dilemma, I will show you not only how to ask for the direction in German, but also how to understand the directions you are given.

    How to ask for directions in German

    There are several ways how to ask for directions in German. But, first of all, you should start the conversation with the German equivalent for "Excuse me, please!":

    • Formal: Entschuldigen Sie bitte! 
    • Informal: Entschuldige bitte! 
    English German
    Could you please tell me where the museum is? 
    • formalKönnen Sie mir bitte sagen wo das Musem ist?
    • informal: Kannst du mir bitte sagen wo das Museum ist?
    How do I get to the airport? Wie komme ich zum Flughafen?
    Do you know where the train station is? 
    • formal: Wissen Sie wo der Bahnhof ist?
    • informal: Weißt du wo der Bahnhof ist?


    Directions in German

    First, you should learn how the cardinal directions are called in German!


    • North = der Norden
    • South = der Süden
    • West = der Westen
    • East = der Osten

    Asking the way: Vocabulary

    In the following list, I will show you the main words you might hear when asking for directions!

    English German
    left links
    right rechts
    to the left nach links
    to the right nach rechts
    straight geradeaus
    in front of vor
    behind hinter
    next to neben
    at the beginning of am Anfang von
    at the end of am Ende von
    to the north nach Norden
    to the south nach Süden
    to the west nach Westen
    to the east nach Osten
    the street die Straße
    the next street die nächste Straße
    The street after next die übernächste Straße
    The next street to the right die nächste Straße nach rechts
    The next street to the left die nächste Straße nach links


    enlightened The first letter in a street name is always written in capital letters. 

    Places in German

    In the following list, you can find some places you might like to go:

    English German
    the train station der Bahnhof
    the bus stop die Bushaltestelle
    the airport der Flughafen
    the town hall das Rathaus
    the museum das Museum
    the restaurant das Restaurant
    the bar die Bar
    the city center das Stadtzentrum
    the shopping center das Einkaufzentrum
    the historic center die Altstadt
    the park der Park
    the hospital das Krankenhaus
    the police station die Polizeiwache
    the monument das Denkmal
    the bridge die Brücke


    yes Are you ready to explore a German-speaking country? Maybe, first, you should try out our exercises!


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