German course for beginners

Learning German for free

Wondering if German is easy or hard to learn for English speakers? Looking for a free and well-structured language course? You are interested in learning the language online? Then our course is a perfect fit for you! yes

Why learning German?

Doubting to learn German? There are tons of good reasons to learn this language!

  • Great place for professional opportunities
  • Discover the rich culture of one of the most developed countries world wide
  • German is spoken by almost 100 million people!

German online course for students, adults or immigrants

This free language course is suitable for everybody who wants to study German. It does not matter if you are a student, an adult or immigrant: Our online course is a perfect fit for everybody! After having studied all our lessons, you will not only be able to talk about yourself, but also to lead basic conversations!

Vocabulary lists

You often asked yourself: "How to learn German fast?". We have the perfect answer to your question: In our lessons you can find all necessary vocabulary for beginners! Our course contains various vocabulary lists for different topics. The vocabulary lists are very usefull as they only contain the most important vocabulary and as they are very well structured. In this way you will learn German fast

Vocabulary exercises

In order to make our lessons more fun, at the end of every chapter you can find a vocabulary trainer. The exercises are easy to understand and absolutely free! Take the chance and practice your vocabulary skills! You want to practice how to count or to introduce yourself? Here you go, you can choose whatever you want to practice!

Private lessons

Our language course is a perfect start for learning German! If you want to train your communication skills or other advanced topics, then you should consider taking private Skype lessons with one of our language teachers. Using our free online course in combination with private lessons from one of our native German teachers is the quickest way to learn the language perfectly!

Enjoy the course! smiley