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  • Family members in German (parents, siblings...)

    You want to describe your family in German, but you are missing the proper vocabulary? Then you should have a look at this lesson! You will not only learn how the family members are called, also I will teach you some ways how to speak about your family.


    A complete list of family members in German

    Family is the most important thing in life! In the following lists you will find the most important vocabulary!

    Parents and children

    the family die Familie
    the father der Vater
    the mother die Mutter
    the child das Kind
    the children die Kinder
    the siblings die Geschwister
    the sister  die Schwester
    the brother der Bruder
    the son der Sohn
    the daughter die Tochter
    the wife die Ehefrau
    the husband der Ehemann
    the half-brother der Halbbruder
    the half-sister die Halbschwester


    Grandparents and grandchildren

    the grandparents die Großeltern
    the grandmother die Großmutter
    the grandfather der Großvater
    the grandchildren die Enkelkinder
    the granddaughter die Enkelin
    the grandson der Enkel


    Uncles, aunts, cousins and nephews

    the uncle der Onkel
    the aunt die Tante
    the cousin (male) der Cousin
    the cousin (female) die Cousine
    the nephew der Neffe
    the niece die Nichte



    the stepfather der Stiefvater
    the stepmother die Stiefmutter
    the stepson der Stiefsohn
    the stepdaughter die Stieftochter
    the stepbrother die Stiefbruder
    the stepsister die Stiefschwester


    Family in-law

    the parents-in-law die Schwiegereltern
    the father-in-law der Schwiegervater
    the mother-in-law die Schwiegermutter
    the brother-in-law der Schwager
    the sister-in-law die Schwägerin
    the son-in-law der Schwiegersohn
    the daughter-in-law die Schwiegertochter



    single ledig
    married verheiratet
    divorced geschieden
    widow verwitmet
    separated getrennt


    Talking about family in German

    In the following list you can find some practical examples about how to use the beforehand showed vocabulary.

    Do you have siblings? Hast du Geschwister?
    I have a brother Ich habe einen Bruder
    I have a half-sister Ich habe eine Halbschwester
    My father's name is Otto Mein Vater heißt Otto
    My mother is 50 years old Meine Mutter ist 50 Jahre alt
    She is my wife Sie ist meine Ehefrau
    He is my husband Er ist mein Ehemann
    I am married Ich bin verheiratet
    I am single Ich bin Single
    My parents are divorced Meine Eltern sind geschieden


    yes Why don't you try out our fun and interactive lessons to remember the beforehand showed vocabulary? Have fun!


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