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  • Body parts in German

    This lesson is perfect for you if you want to learn the different parts of the body in German! I will explain you the vocabulary to the following topics:

    • - The head
    • - The torso
    • - Arms and legs
    • - The organs

    The head in German

    The top of the human body is the head. The table below displays the different parts of the head and the face in German: 

    English German
    the head der Kopf
    the face das Gesicht
    the chin das Kinn
    the mouth der Mund
    the lips die Lippen
    the tooth der Zahn
    the tongue die Zunge
    the nose die Nase
    the cheek die Wange
    the eye das Auge
    the eyebrow die Augenbraune
    the eyelash die Wimper
    the ear das Ohr
    the hair das Haar


    What is in the torso?

    The torso is the human body considered without head, arms and legs! Learn the most important vocabulary of the torso in the list below:

    English German
    the neck der Hals
    the shoulder die Schulter
    the chest die Brust
    the belly der Bauch
    the navel der Bauchnabel
    the back der Rücken
    the hip die Hüfte
    the genitals die Genitalien
    the vagina die Vagina
    the penis der Penis
    the testicle der Hoden
    the bottom der Po

    Arms and legs

    In the following list you will find all important parts of the arms and the legs of a human being:

    English German
    the arm der Arm
    the elbow der Ellenbogen
    the hand       die Hand
    the wrist das Handgelenk
    the finger der Finger
    the nail der Nagel
    the armpit die Achsel
    the leg das Bein
    the foot der Fuß
    the knee das Knie
    the toe der Zeh


    How to say the organs in German?

    Last but not least, we will have a look on the organs of a human being:

    English German
    the blood das Blut
    the blood vessel die Vene
    the skeleton das Skelett 
    the bone der Knochen
    the brain das Gehirn
    the skin die Haut
    the heart das Herz
    the liver die Leber
    the lung die Lunge
    the spleen die Milz
    the stomach der Magen
    the muscle der Muskel
    the kidney die Niere
    the small intestine der Dünndarm
    the large intestine der Dickdarm

    yes If you want to practise the vocabulary take a look at our exercises about the body parts in German!




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