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  • Talking about hobbies is always a good conversation starter. In this chapter you will learn the most important phrases, verbs and nouns in Germans you need to have a conversation.

    Asking for hobbies in German

    You can use these phrases to ask a person what their hobbies and interests are

    German phrase Translation
    Hast du irgendwelche Hobbies? Do you have any hobbies?
    Was machst du am liebsten? What do you like to do the most?
    Was machst du gerne in deiner Freizeit? What do you like to do in your free time?
    Was sind deine Interessen? What are your interests?
    Für was interessierst du dich? What are you interested in?
    Gehst du gerne ins Kino? Do you like to go to the cinema?
    Spielst du ein Instrument? Do you play an instrument?
    Treibst du gerne Sport? Do you like to do sports?

    Expressing your interests

    These phrases you can use for answering to the questions above

    German phrase Translation
    Ich mag... I like...
    Ich interessiere mich sehr für... I'm very interested in...
    Ich bin ein Fan von... I'm a fan of...
    Ich mache gerne... I like to do...

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    German verbs for talking about hobbies

    These are some of the most important verbs when talking about your hobbies

    German verb Translation
    angeln fishing
    ausruhen to relax
    in's Kino gehen to go to the cinema
    kochen to cook
    mit Freunden treffen to meet up with friends
    Musik hören to listen to music
    reisen to travel
    schreiben to write
    schwimmen to swim
    Ski fahren to ski
    spazieren gehen to go for a walk
    Sport treiben to do sports
    Basketball/Fußball... spielen to play Basketball/football...
    tanzen to dance
    tauchen to scuba dive
    Ein Instrument spielen to play an instrument
    joggen to jogg
    lesen to read
    malen to draw
    reiten to ride a horse

    to sing

    Here a few example sentences how you can use those verbs

    • Ich lese gerne - I like to read
    • Ich spiele gerne Fußball - I like to play football
    • Nein, ich lese lieber - No, I prefer reading
    • Ich angle gerne - I like fishing

    German nouns for talking about hobbies

    These are some of the most common nouns when talking about your hobbies in German

    German noun Translation
    Die Ausstellung the exhibition
    Der Ball the ball
    Das Buch the book
    Das Fahrrad the bicycle
    Der Fernseher the TV
    Das Fitnessstudio the Gym
    Der Fußball football
    Die Geige the violin
    Die Gitarre the guitar
    Das Konzert the concert
    Die Malerei the drawing
    Das Rad the wheel / the bike
    Der Sport sports
    Das Kino the cinema
    Die Zeitung the newspaper