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  • Going to the doctor and health vocabulary in German

    In this chapter you will learn the most useful words and phrases that you need for going to the doctor in Germany. 

    Different kinds of doctors in German

    Here is a list of the German names of the most common specialists 

    German English
    Allgemeinmediziner general practitioner
    Anästhesist anesthesiologist
    Chirurg surgeon
    Chiropraktiker chiropracter
    Gynäkologe gynecologist
    Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Arzt otorhinolaryngologist
    Internist internist
    Kardiologe cardiologist
    Neurologe neurologist
    Orthopäde orthopedic specialist
    Onkologe oncologist
    Pädiater pediatrician
    Psychiater psychiatrist
    Radiologe radiologist
    Urologe urologist

    Common complaints

    German English
    Allergie allergy
    Bauchschmerzen stomach ache
    Entzündung infection
    Erkältung cold
    Gliederschmerzen pain of the limbs
    Grippe flu
    Halsschmerzen sore throat
    Husten cough
    Kopfschmerzen headache
    Schmerz pain
    Schwellung swelling
    Schnupfen cold / sniffles
    • Ich habe keine Allergien - I don't have any allergies
    • Gestern hatte ich starke Kopfschmerzen - Yesterday I had a strong headache
    • Du hast eine Schwellung am Fuß - You have a swelling on your foot

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    Other useful German words related to health

    These words can come in very useful in many situation related to health

    German English
    Apotheke pharmacy
    Arzt doctor
    gesund healthy
    krank sick
    Krankheit sickness
    Medikament medicine
    Notruf emergency call
    Patient patient
    Rezept prescription
    Tabletten pills
    Wartezimmer waiting room

    Also these phrases can be helpful to know

    German English
    Mir tut X weh. My X hurts
    Haben Sie Schmerzen? Do you have any pain?
    Ich muss zum Arzt. I need to go to the doctor
    Haben Sie einen Termin? Do you have an appointment?
    Tut es weh, wenn ich hier drücke? Does it hurt when I press here?
    Machen sie bitte den Mund auf. Open your mouth, please
    Ich werde Ihnen Antibiotika verschreiben. I' will prescribe you antibiotics
    Haben Sie irgendwelche Allergien? Do you have any allergies?
    Ich habe mich für heute krank geschrieben. I called in sick today



    Translate these common health complaints into German

    Finish the sentences by matching them with the correct German word for health

    Type in the missing German words to finish the sentences!