• German course for beginners
  • 1 The German alphabet [0/2]
  • 2 German greetings (Hello in German) [0/3]
  • 3 Introduction in german (talking about yourself) [0/2]
  • 4 Counting in German (cardinal and ordinal numbers) [0/3]
  • 5 The Time in German (hours and minutes in German) [0/3]
  • 6 Days of the weeks, months and seasons in German [0/3]
  • 7 Colours in German (blue, green, yellow...) [0/3]
  • 8 Asking for directions in German [0/3]
  • 9 The weather in German (sun, rain, temperature...) [0/3]
  • 10 Family members in German (parents, siblings...) [0/3]
  • 11 Body parts in German [0/3]
  • 12 Countries in German (Europe, Asia, Africa, America) [0/5]
  • 13 Ordering in Germany (restaurant, waiter, dinner) [0/3]
  • 14 German travel phrases [0/3]
  • 15 Grocery shopping in Germany [0/3]
  • 16 German proverbs [0/3]
  • 17 Animal names in German (pets, mammals, birds, ...) [0/4]
  • 18 Clothing in German (shoes, accessories, ...) [0/2]
  • 19 Happy birthday in German (parties and congratulations) [0/3]
  • 20 I love you in German (emotions and feedback) [0/3]
  • 21 Needs and opinions in German (polite requests) [0/4]
  • 22 Hobbies in German (sports and games) [0/3]
  • 23 House, room, furniture vocabulary in German [0/3]
  • 24 Descriptions in German (appearance and characteristics) [0/5]
  • 25 Business vocabulary in German (work and negotiations) [0/3]
  • 26 Going to the doctor and health vocabulary in German [0/3]
  • 27 School vocabulary in German (subjects and persons) [0/3]
  • 28 Places of interest German (post office, infrastructure) [0/3]
  • 29 Nature words in German (parks and outdoor) [0/2]
  • The weather in German (sun, rain, temperature...)

    You want to understand the German weather forecast or you want to ask in German how the weather is going to be tomorrow? Than this course is a perfect fit for you! You will not only learn the most important vocabulary about the weather, also you will find some exercises for practicing the vocabulary of this chapter. Have fun! smiley

    How to ask about the weather in German?

    In the following list you will find the most important questions in order to speak about the weather.

    English German
    What's the weather like today? Wie ist das Wetter heute?
    What's the weather like tomorrow? Wie ist das Wetter morgen?
    What's the temperature? Wie viel Grad sind es?
    Is it warm? Ist es warm?
    Is it cold? Ist es kalt?
    Is it raining? Regnet es?
    Is the sun shining? Scheint die Sonne?


    The Weather: The most important words in German

    Before showing you how to speak about the weather in German, I will teach you the most important weather-related words!

    English German
    the sun die Sonne
    the rain der Regen
    the rainbow der Regenbogen
    the cloud die Wolke
    the lightning der Blitz
    the thunder der Donner
    the thunderstorm das Gewitter
    the fog der Nebel
    the storm  der Sturm
    the wind der Wind
    the sky der Himmel
    the moon der Mond
    the star der Stern


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    Weather phrases in German

    In the following list you can find some typical phrases we germans use while speaking about the weather!

    English German
    It's cold Es ist kalt
    It's hot Es ist heiß
    It's windy Es ist windig
    It's cloudy Es ist bewölkt
    It's sunny Es ist sonnig
    It's raining Es regnet
    It's snowing Es schneit
    I am freezing Mir ist kalt
    I am sweating Ich schwitze


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