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  • Business vocabulary in German (work and negotiations)

    This chapter will teach you some of the most useful words for talking business in German. The chapter will discuss vocabulary related to job titles, small talk, which is important in the Dutch business culture, and meetings. 

    General German vocabulary related to business

    Let's start with some general Vocabulary necessary for business related talk

    German English
    Arbeit work
    Chef boss
    Ergebnis result
    Fehler mistake
    Formular form
    Hilfe help
    Industrie industry
    Kollegen colleagues
    Konkurrenz competition
    Leistung performance
    Lieferant supplier
    Mitarbeiter coworker
    Möglichkeit opportunity
    Stelle job
    Termin appointment
    Unternehmen company
    Verhandlung negotiation
    Versicherung insurance
    Wirtschaft economy
    • Der Chef erwartet Ergebnisse - The boss is expecting results
    • Unser Chef hat viele Termine - Our boss has many appointments
    • Ich habe sehr nette Kollegen - I have very nice colleagues

    Job titles in German

    When applying for a job it is important to know what position there are in a company. Below you will find some examples of job titles in Dutch. 

    English German
    Head of Department Abteilungsleiter
    Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Geschäftsführer
    Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


    Supervisory Board Aufsichtsrat
    Production Manager Produktionsleiter
    Managing Partner Geschäftsführende Teilhaber
    Partner Shareholder Aktieninhaber
    Division Manager Bereichsleiter
    Senior Executive Leitender Angestellter / Senior executive

    Small Talk in German

    Once you got a job socializing with your colleagues is an important part of everyday life.

    Depending on how well you know your conversation partner, the German form of politeness is appropriate. In General you should use the form of politness always when you meet someone for the first time and when talking to higher-ups.

    English German German form of politeness
    Nice to meet you. Schön dich kennen zu lernen Freut mich Sie kennen zu lernen
    Please, take a seat. Nimm platz bitte Bitte, nehmen Sie Platz
    May I introduce you to... Darf ich dir *Name* vorstellen? Dürfte ich Ihnen *Name* vorstellen?
    How was your vacation?  Wie war dein Urlaub? Wie war Ihr Urlaub?
    Can I get you something to drink? Kann ich dir etwas zu trinken anbieten?  Kann ich Ihnen etwas zu trinken anbieten?
    Lovely day today, isn’t it? Schöner Tag heute, nicht wahr? /
    Did you have a pleasant flight? Hattest du einen angenehmen Flug? Hatten Sie einen angenehmen Flug?

    Vocabulary related to meetings in German

    'Eine Besprechung' (which means 'a meeting' - however, just saying 'a meeting' is also very common) in German can be an important moment to discuss certain issues or agenda points. Below you will find a list of vocabulary related to meetings. 

    English German
    to hold a meeting Eine Besprechung / Ein Meeting halten
    to address an issue Ein Problem ansprechen 
    to attend a meeting An einer Besprechung teilnehmen
    the agenda Die Agenda
    the minutes  Die Minuten
    to record the minutes Die Minuten zählen
    at short notice kurzfristig
    to take notes Notizen machen
    the negotiation Die Verhandlung
    to chair vorsitzen / den Vorsitz haben
    to collaborate zusammen arbeiten
    the absentee Der Abwesende
    • Heute hatten die Angestellten schon 3 Besprechungen. - Today the staff hat 3 meetings already.
    • Es gab fast keine Abwesenden. - There were almost no absentees.
    • Jedes mal hatte der Chef den Vorsitz. - Everytime the boss chaired the meeting.

    Presentations in German 

    The German business vocabulary includes terms to describe and explain diagrams and graphs. 

    English Dutch
    the numbers / figures Die Zahlen / Ziffern
    the table Die Tabelle
    the pie chart  Das Tortendiagramm
    the row Die Reihe
    the column Die Spalte
    the bar chart Das Säulendiagramm
    the line chart Das Liniendiagramm
    the graph Die Grafik
    the vertical / horizontal axis Die vertikale / horizontale Achse
    the curve Die Kurve
    to peak gipfeln
    to drop fallen
    annual / yearly jährlich
    year-on-year Jahr für Jahr
    to fluctuate fluktuieren / schwanken
    to remain stable stabil bleiben
    to increase zunehmen
    to decrease abnehmen
    to flatten out  abflachen
    • Diese Zahlen gipfeln jährlich zur Sommerzeit - These numbers peak annually at summer time
    • Wie Sie in diesem Säulendiagramm sehen können - As you can see in this bar chart
    • Unsere Verkäufe schwanken von Jahr zu Jahr - Our sales fluctuate year-on-year

    Train your skills by doing the exercises below!


    Translate the business vocabulary into German

    Complete the business small talk by matching the right phrases

    Type in the correct German business vocabulary