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  • Weather in Spanish

    ¿Qué tiempo hace?

    What´s the weather like? How to describe the meteorological conditions in Spanish? How to say the sun is shining or it´s sweltering? Let´s take a look on these matters. 

    What´s the weather like in Spanish? Learn the basic vocabulary!

    what´s the weather like in Spanish

    Weather phrases

    For the utterances "It's sunny", "It's cold", "It's warm" and "It's windy" in Spanish is used the verb "hacer" (to make). If we translate the phrase literally - "It makes sun", etc. 

    Spanish English
    Hace sol It´s sunny
    Hace viento It's windy
    Llueve / Está lloviendo It's raining
    Está nublado It´s cloudy
    Hace frío It´s cold
    Hay tormenta There is a thunderstorm
    Hace calor It´s warm
    Nieva / Está nevando It´s snowing
    Hay niebla It´s foggy/There's a fog
    Hace un calor sofocante It´s sweltering
    El sol está brillando The sun is shining
    Hace buen tiempo The weather is nice
    Hace mal tiempo The weather is bad


    Weather adjectives

    Of course, there is an other way to express about the weather in Spanish, although it is not so common. Instead of the upper phrases one can use adjectives. They are utilized with the verb "estar" (to be), e.g.:

    • Está brumoso (It's foggy)
    • Está lluvioso (It's rainy)
    Spanish English
    soleado sunny
    ventoso windy
    nublado cloudy
    lluvioso rainy
    nevado snowy
    brumoso foggy
    tormentoso stormy
    pegajoso sticky


    enlightenedHow to say that you´re cold or you´re hot?

    • Tengo frío. (I'm cold)
    • Tengo calor. (I'm hot)

    Example Dialogue

    Lola: ¡Hola, Carmen! ¿Qué tiempo hace hoy? Hello, Carmen! What is the weather like today?

    Carmen: Está lloviendo y hay tormenta. Tengo frío. It´s raining and there is a thunderstorm. I´m cold. 

    Up to the present line of this article you are supposed to have an idea of the main weather phrases. Now you have the opportunity to practice them with the microphones, the audio or with the exercises! Come on! ¡Venga!


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