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  • Colours in Spanish

    From grammatical view point, the colours are adjectives.  In Spanish the adjectives usually are situated after the noun.

    The present page is separated into 3 parts. In the first one you can learn the adjectives signifying colours. In the second part you´ll get to know the nuances and in the third - the hair colours. 

    How to say the colours in Spanish: a complete list of all colours

    They help when describing people, things and situations from everyday life. 

    Spanish English
    negro black
    marrón brown
    blanco white
    amarillo yellow
    naranja orange
    rojo red
    azul blue
    verde green
    rosado pink
    púrpuro purple
    gris gray

    all the colors in Spanish

    Examples in sentences

    Spanish English
    Los tacones son negros. The high heels are black.
    La flor es marrón. The flower is brown
    La nevera es blanca. The fridge is white
    El sol es amarillo. The sun is yellow
    La naranja es naranja The orange is orange
    La flor es roja The flower is red
    El árbol es azul. The tree is blue
    La manzana es verde The apple is green
    La mariposa es rosada The butterfly is pink
    La botella es púrpura.  The bottle is purple


    enlightenedAccording to the Spanish grammar, the colours (as they are adjectives) accept the gender and number of the nouns. For example:

    • Los tacones son negros.  (The high heels are black.)
    • El tacon es negro. (The high heel is black.)
    • La mariposa es negra. (The butterfly is black.)

    Nuances of the colours 

    With the following words you can be more specific when talking about the colours. 

    Spanish English
    claro light
    oscuro dark
    fuerte bright, intense, deep


    colour nuances in Spanish

    Examples in sentences

    Spanish English
    La camiseta es azul claro. The T-shirt is light blue
    La camiseta es azul oscuro. The T-shirt is dark blue
    Los zapatos son azul fuerte The shoes are deep blue.


    Hair colours in Spanish

    Except of the word "pelo" you can use "cabello" for hair. For example: cabello marrón (brown hair). 

    Spanish English
    pelo oscuro dark hair
    pelo claro light hair
    pelo negro black hair
    pelo marrón brown hair
    pelo rubio blonde hair
    pelo rojo red hair
    pelo canoso gray hair


    Practice it with the microphones, the audio and the exercises! Go on!


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