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Family in Spanish

The family in Spanish? The relatives? You can get confused. Unless if you take seriously some readings as the present one. In the first paragraph you can learn the close family members and to see how to speak about family relations. In the second one, you can study the family-in-law vocabulary. 

Family members and vocabulary in Spanish

The words for male relatives halt in -o, the female ones end in -a

Spanish English
padres parents
madre mother
padre father
hijos children
hijo son
hija daughter
sobrino nephew
sobrina niece
hermano brother
hermana sister
tía aunt
tío uncle
abuelos grandparents
abuela grandmother
abuelo grandfather
nieto grandson
nieta granddaughter
nietos grandchildren
primo / prima cousin


Example sentences

  • Marilena y Angel son hijos de Olivia. Marilena and Angel are children of Olivia.
  • Angel es hermano de MarilenaAngel is a brother of Marilena. 
  • Jose y Carmina son abuelos de Marilena y Angel. Jose and Carmina are grandparents of Marilena and Angel. 
  • Olivia es hija de Jose y Carmina. Olivia is a daughter of Jose and Carmina. 

Family relationships in Spanish

When talking about family, we´d rather talk about relationships in this manner.

Spanish English
Son casados. They are married.
Son marido y esposa. They are husband and wife
Tienen hijos.  They have children
Es su hijo. He is their son
Es su hija.  She is their daughter
Es mayor. Es el hermano mayor. He is older. He is the big brother
Es menor. Es la hermana menor. She is younger. She is the young sister
Son hermano y hermana.  They are brother and sister.
Es su padre. He is their father
Es su madre.  She is their mother
Son sus padres.  They are their parents
Son hermanos.  They are siblings
Es su nieto He is their grandson.
Es su tío.  He is their uncle
Es su suegra She is her mother-in-law
Es su bebé She is their baby
Son relativos.  They are relatives.
Es su cuñada.  She is his sister-in-law
Son miembros de una familia They are members of the same family


Example sentences

  • Adrian es padre de Pedro. Adrian is a father of Pedro.
  • Marina es su hija. Marina is his daughter. 

la familia in Spanish

Family-in-law in Spanish 

These are the relatives with who one doesn't have a blood relationship. 

Spanish English
padrastros stepparents
suegros parents-in-law
padrastro stepfather
madrastra stepmother
suegra mother-in-law
hija de paso stepdaughter
nuera daughter-in-law
hijo de paso stepson
yerno son-in-law
cuñada sister-in-law
cuñado brother-in-law


Example sentences

  • Yacine es suegra de Celia. Yacine is a mother-in-law of Celia.
  • Julio es padrastro de Celia. Julio is a stepfather of Celia. 

Now you can try the exercises we kindly prepared for you. wink


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