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  • Body parts in Spanish

    This page is divided into 3 scraps. In the first paragraph you could learn the body parts. Next are the head and face parts. Adjectives to describe a person follow adjoining. 

    Body parts in Spanish list

    The nouns are given with the definite articles, because in Spanish it is important to know the gender of a noun.

    Spanish English
    el cuello neck
    el pecho chest
    la muñeca wrist
    la mano hand
    la rodilla knee
    el pie foot
    el hombro shoulder
    el codo elbow
    el brazo arm
    la barriguita tummy
    la pierna leg
    el tobillo ankle

    body in Spanish

    Parts of the face in Spanish

    Spanish English
    el pelo hair
    la nariz nose
    los oídos ears
    la barba beard
    el bigote moustache
    los ojos eyes
    la cabeza head
    las cejas eyebrows
    la boca mouth
    la barbilla chin

    the face in Spanish

    Describing people in Spanish

    When describing a man, the adjectives end in -o. For a description of a woman, they should end in -a. As you can see the adjective "joven" makes an exception, because it doesn´t vary in gender. 

    Spanish English
    alto / alta tall
    bajo / baja short
    delgado / delgada slim
    gordo / gorda fat
    jóven young
    viejo / vieja old
    pelo largo long hair
    pelo corto short hair
    pelo liso straight hair
    pelo rizado curly hair
    pelo oscuro dark hair
    pelo claro light hair
    lleva gafas wears glasses
    lleva barba has a beard


    enlightenedRegarding description of a person we use the verbs "ser" (to be), "tener" (to have) or "llevar" (to wear, to have). 

    Example description

    Appearance description in Spanish

    • Jose y Lola tienen pelos oscuros y lisosJose and Lola have dark and straight hair. 
    • Son jóvenes y delgados. They are young and slim. 
    • Llevan gafas. They wear glasses. 
    • Jose lleva barba y bigote. Jose has a beard and a moustache. 

    Train the body parts using exercises! Or with the help of the audio and the microphones... Que lo paséis bien!


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