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    1. Learn animals in Spanish flashcards Score -/-
    2. How to talk about animals exercise Score -/-

    Hi, Spanish lover! This page is divided into two parts. Firstly, you can learn the vocab for some animals. In the second part, you have the possibility to take a look on some sentences with which you could form a dialogue about pets and animals. 

    List of animals

    In the plural of the word pez there is a transformation of the letter z into c (pez becomes peces). The other nouns form the plural regularly.

    Spanish English
    la hormiga ant
    el pez fish
    el conejo bunny
    el pollo chicken
    el perro  dog
    el gato cat
    la vaca cow
    el ratón mouse
    el caballo horse
    el cerdo pig
    la oveja sheep
    la cabra goat
    el búfalo buffalo
    el toro bull
    la araña spider
    el pájaro bird
    el animal animal


    Do you have any pets?

    Using the following sentenses you can create a short dialogue about animals. 

    Spanish English
    ¿Tienes miedo de...? Are you afraid of...?
    ¿Tienes mascotas? Do you have any pets?
    ¿Cuál es tu animal favorito? Which is your favoirute animal?
    Sí, tengo un perro.  Yes, I have a dog. 
    No, no tengo mascotas. No, I don´t have any pets.
    No, no tengo miedo de... No, I´m not afraid of...
    Mi animal favorito es el perro. My favourite animal is the dog. 


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    Example dialogue

    Juan: ¡Hola, Petra! ¿Tienes mascotas? Hello, Petra! Do you have any pets?

    Petra: No, no tengo mascotas. ¿Y tú? No, I don´t have any. What about you?

    Juan: Sí, tengo peces y pájaros. Yes, I have fishes and birds. 

    Petra: ¡Que interesante! Interesting!

    Now you can practice with the exercises, audio and microphones!

    See you soon!