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  • Days and months in Spanish

    The present reading is consistent of 4 parts. First, you'll get to know the days of the week. Then follows the vocabulary for the months. The third part are the seasons. And finally you'll get acquainted with the rules for telling the date. 

    The days of the week

    While in English the days are written down with capital letters, in Spanish they are done so with lowercase. 

    Spanish English
    lunes Monday
    martes Tuesday
    miércoles Wednesday
    jueves Thursday
    viernes Friday
    sábado Saturday
    domingo Sunday
    fin de semana weekend


    Example sentences:

    • Hoy es jueves. (Today is Thursday)
    • Lunes es el primer día de la semana laboral. (Monday is the first day of the workweek)

    Months in Spanish

    Just like in the case with the week days, the months in Spanish language are written with small letters. 

    Spanish English
    enero January
    febrero February
    marzo March
    abril April
    mayo May
    junio June
    julio July
    agosto August
    septiembre September
    octubre October
    noviembre November
    diciembre December


    Example sentences:

    • Mayo tiene 31 días. (May has 31 days)

    • Agosto es el octavo mes del año. (August is the 8th month of the year)


    The seasons are with small letters, too. 

    primavera spring in Spanish
    verano summer in Spanish
    otoño autumn in Spanish
    invierno winter in Spanish


    Example sentences:

    • El invierno es la estación más fría del año. (The winter is the coldest season of the year)
    • Al comienzo de la primevera despiertan las plantas. (At the beginning of the spring the plants wake up.)

    How to write the date?

    There are a couple of differences in comparison with the English dates:

    1. The months are not capitalized in Spanish
    2. While in English the dates are enunciated with ordinal numbers, in Spanish they are with cardinal numbers. Аn exception is that you might turn to speak "primero" for "first", for example "primero de mayo" (1st of March). 
    3. The years in Spanish are pronounced like the cardinal numbers, e.g. 1455 = mil cuatrocientos cincuenta y cinco. It will be wrong if one say as it is in English "catorce cincuenta y cinco" (fourteen fifty five). 
    4. While in English we use the preposition "on" for indicating that something happened on a particular date, in Spanish there is no such a preposition. It is just utilized the definite article "el" before the date. For instance: El 14 de julio es mi cumpleaños. (My birthday is on 14th of July).
    Spanish English
    veintinueve de junio, 2017 29th of June, 2017
    catorce de julio, 1568 14th of July, 1568
    doce de agosto, 1325 12th of August, 1325
    dieciseis de mayo, 1522 16th of May, 1522


    Example sentences:

    • El 26 de mayo se hará realidad el concierto. (On 26th of May the concert will become a reality)
    • El 4 de marzo 2007 buscamos estudiantes y recién graduados para la práctica. (On 4th of March 2007 we searched for students and recently graduated for the internship)

    What did you do on 4th of April this year? Say it in Spanish now! Or practice telling the dates, months, days and seasons with the help of the audio, microphones and exercises we gently prepared for you. wink


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