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How to learn Spanish fast?

Probably the answer is going to a Spanish-speaking country. But before going there it would be better for you to possess some language basics. The stronger the basics are, the easier and the faster you enjoy the advantages a language might give you. So let's get down to the heart of the matter with this course for beginners!

The basics of Spanish

Why to learn Spanish?

  • Because it sounds incredibly melodic
  • Because it is relatively easy to learn
  • Because it is the second most-spoken language on the earth (approximately 414, 000, 000 people)
  • Because you can take delight in the so called "fiesta" as the language forms a considerable part of it
  • And last but not least, because a language more always suits your CV well 

Free online course for beginners

It doesn't matter if you're a student, a worker, a traveler, or just a linguistics-lover. This tutorial is for all the people who wish to study the language from the very beginning and to progress quickly and easely by self-learning. The A1 course is for you if you are brave enough to begin something new from the basics!

Spanish basic words and phrases for different situations

The purpose of the course is to create a sequence of 19 articles ordered in different topics owing to highlight the most essential and necessary vocabulary for dummies. You will learn Spanish phrases and words with English translation, a lot of examples, audio, microphone for training your pronunciation and interactive exercises. 

1000 words in Spanish

After finishing the online course you are supposed to be acquainted with the basic Spanish vocabulary for level A1. By completing the course you will have learnt around 1000 phrases. Don't forget that the course suggests Spanish for English speakers which means that you'll get your results even faster and easier as everything is created especially for the English speaker!

Additional Skype lessons with a native teacher

If you need additional help to improve your skills even more, you can contact one of our professional private teachers and request Skype lessons. It's fast, easy and relevant to your personal language level. Everything you need is Skype installed on your computer, headphones, internet connection and of course motivation. Or you'd better combine the self-learning course and the private lessons with a teacher for more efficiency. You decide what will be helpful for your personal goals! 

Hasta la vista!

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1 The alphabet in Spanish How do you say the alphabet in Spanish?
2 Spanish pronunciation rules Pronounce Spanish properly!
3 Introduce yourself in Spanish Preséntate en español!
4 Greetings in Spanish Meet Spanish people and greet them!
5 Telling the time in Spanish Do you have the Spanish time?
6 Counting in Spanish Learn to count in Spanish!
7 Colours in Spanish Teaching the colours in Spanish
8 Days and months in Spanish Days of the week, months and seasons
9 Weather in Spanish ¿Qué tiempo hace?
10 Emotions in Spanish List of feelings and emotions in Spanish
11 Needs and opinions in Spanish How to say needs in Spanish
12 Asking for directions in Spanish Directions in Spanish
13 Foods and drinks in Spanish Vocabulary for shopping
14 How to order food in Spanish How do you order food in Spanish
15 Body parts in Spanish The body structure of humans in Spanish
16 Clothes in Spanish Spanish clothes vocabulary
17 Family in Spanish The family in Spanish
18 Birthday wishes and party words in Spanish Words for happy birthday in Spanish
19 Hobbies in Spanish How to say hobbies in Spanish
20 Animal names in Spanish How to say animals in Spanish
21 Countries and nationalities in Spanish How to say countries and nationalities in Spanish